Chapter 2: Welcome To 2070

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Summary: WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, Following the events of Heroes Vs Aliens Vs Predator, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak after being frozen for 53 years the two are found and in for the shock of a lifetime.


Oliver Queen's home once called Star City was now in the years passed since he and Felicity were frozen an bustling metropolis called Neo Star City.  everything had changed over the course of 53 years for the city since an attack occurred that ran Star City into the ground in 2045.

But UltraTech saved the city and turned the remains of Star City into an metropolis but one thing remained the same even before Oliver was frozen. the crime rates were still up but most of the city was in good hands.

An ship carrying Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak broke through the dark morning clouds into the dark rainy skyline. Entering an floating sign near the city limits it said.


blinking in led lighting.

Downtown was pouring down rain in the wee morning hours. An gigantic videoboard advertised an traveling agency showing locations from off world colonies. Another one nearby advertised an softdrink in blue.

The ship traveled through the city heading toward an building in giant letters reading.


It was the main company that Dr. Bowman had worked for that was taking Oliver and Felicity to. UltraTech had an giant premise known in the city and possibly the united states.

The ship began making an soft landing onto the landing pad of the building in pouring rain. Dr. Bowman and three others hopped out of the ship as soon as it landed. Four doctors covered Dr. Bowman and the bodies from the pouring rain.

Kathy and the doctors entered the building heading toward the medical wing of the company's HQ. At the medical wing of UltraTech she met up with the head doctor.

"Dr. Richards! Your not gonna believe what we found at Mt. Cadmius!". Dr. Bowman said to him as he was shell shocked at the sight of Oliver and Felicity's frozen bodies.


The alarm setting went off that morning. "Good morning, good morning happy new year" the alarm said as an hand turning off the settings.

Pulling himself up from bed, rubbed his eyes and yawned. Walking to the bathroom groggy he could hear someone downstairs preparing breakfast but quietly. he looked at himself in the mirror for an moment, within an second he filled his face with shaving cream and began to shave with the new thin guard razor blade his daughter got him for Christmas. it said it would have no cut guarding the face for an smooth touch. thereafter he had three cuts on his face "Ugh.... nice gift Audrey this blade is an croc" he said in thought.

He walked over to the shower, putting an towel on top of the certain and pushed an button within seconds he felt an splash of water coming at him.


"GOOD MORNING NSC! Happy New Year 2070!" The DJ of the radio playing in the kitchen said while Audrey was preparing breakfast for the first day of 2070. She grabbed two pieces of bread and walked over to the toaster oven. The coffee maker alerted Audrey of an full pot with an ring sound.

"DAD COME DOWN!". Audrey yelled upstairs to her father as he was coming out of the shower.

Audrey ran to the toaster oven grabbing the toasted bread out of the oven. She poured herself an cup of coffee and grabbed strawberry pop tarts and sat down to eat.

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