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Hi she said

Hey i said all sweat

So who are you and who's girl friend are you she said latching her arm onto Xavier's

Um.... im Anastasia and  me and justin are a thing i said kissing his check

Or really she said with a smirk on her face,so how long

About 3 mouths i said with a big fake smile 

It was silent for a moment but mila broke it by saying  

enough chitchat let's go have some fun mila said fun with Lucas behind her

Yeah i said doing the same thing with justin

Then we went on the Faris well

So why did you say we was going out he started the conversation of with

Because i think i might have a thing for you (i lied)

Oh really justin said taking his phone out and going on snapchat

"Really" i said smiling in the camera

Lets take a pic justin said

Ok i said then we took some pictures but the picture we posted was the i really liked (pic on top)

So after that justin walked me home and kissed me on the forehead and waved goodbye

I went up stairs and got undressed and took a shower and went to sleep

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