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When I got to the place I turned off the car and got out then went in the back seat to get Elle then went inside.

When I went in the place was clean and had nice furniture. Then some ladies that looked around the age of 40 came up to me. I'm miss brown and I'm the ladie of this adoption center how can I help you today well hi my name is Austin McBroom and I'm looking for the ages 16 and up I said to Mrs brown

Ok everyone will be down in a minute she said

~2 minutes later~

I was sitting on the couch feeding elle when a group of girls came downstairs.

Everyone this is Austin McBroom and he is here to decide who he wanna adopt Ms Brown said talking to the girls

Then they all separated and was talking to there friends or sat down and was there phones. Then I went up to this girl with curly black hair. Hi I'm Austin I said waiting for her to respond I'm Anastasia she said putting her hand out for me to shake.

How old are you I asked 16 turning 17 in 2 more mouths

I think I wanna adopt her shes cute and the age I'm looking for and have manners I said in my head

Anastasia can I ask you something I asked her

Yeah sure she said waiting for me to respond

Can I adopt you I asked her with excitement all over my face

Wait you wanna adopt me she said with excitement

Yes I wanna adopt you I said

Ok well let me go pack my self she said running up stairs

Well she went up stairs to pack her stuff up  I went up to mrs brown and told her that I wanna adopt Anastasia she said congratulations and  handed me alot of papers

~ sighing boring papers~

When I was done sighing the papers anastasia came down with 2 duffle bags in her hand and a mini book bag

Are you ready to go i asked her will strapping Elle in her car seat

Yeah she said waking to the door. Then we left. Ok so  do you wanna go to the ball I asked her

Sure she said

Then We went to the mall. The first store we went was pink she got some underwear,bras, crop tops,water bottle that say pink,and some jogging suits

The other store we went to was Journeys she got a book bag bag, some vans, Converses, and some UGGs.

And the other stores I do not wanna name then we left and went home.

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