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Anastaisa's POV

I was in my room just looking out the window and then someone pulled up in a white Jeep and got out then then went in the backseat and got a baby car seat and went inside. I grabbed my phone (iPhone 5+) I started scrolling through Instagram and was laying on my bed until I heard a knock on my door. Who is it I said ms brown she respond back. It's open I said back hey put something decent on because there some people waiting to see your age and up Ms Brown said leaving out of my room ok I said

I took of my clothes and put on:

Put my hair in a high messy ponytail grabbed my phone and walked out

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Put my hair in a high messy ponytail grabbed my phone and walked out.

Austin's pov

I was sitting on the couch watching will elle was upstairs sleep and Cathrine was at work. Then some commercial called bright smile adoption center came on and the kids look so sad and lonely and hungry. Aww I wanna adopt a kid I said out loud I grabbed my phone off the sofa and looked up bright smile adoption center.

I was this picture full of kids and this one lady with long blonde hair in front of them smiling I looked at some of the kids until this girl cought my eye her name is anastaisa walker age 16 the turning 17 July 4 her back up story was her parents died in a car crash. She mixed with white/black speak 2 different language french/Spanish her hobbies are doing hair,dance,sing, reading,breaking rules,doing hair and arts and crafts.

I think I wanna adopt her but I wanna surprise Cathrine I said in my head

I went upstairs to elle rooms and got her out of her crib and went back downstairs and put her in her car seat grabbed her diaper bag strapped her in and we left. ........

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