Prologue: Beginning of the End

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No-one is absolutely certain when the beginning of the end actually happened.  Some say it was during the waves of migration from the dying core worlds of the human dominion.  Others say it was the great wars fought between the expanding dominion and native races trying to hold on to hard won territory.  Some even suggested it was the fall of the multi-race stellar alliance some two hundred years before that triggered the end.

Beyond written history, however, often lies the truth and so it is here.  It wasn't waves of colonization, great wars or the fall of an empire that signalled the end of the universe as it was.  It was a simple discovery.  The discovery of the metaphysical force with the power to alter reality itself, greater than technology, greater than mortality itself.  That metaphysical force, long thought myth was now a reality to itself and it was called 'magic'. 

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