Nova Flare (slow updates)

Nova Flare (slow updates)

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Shawn Jackson By bloodsword Updated Jan 18, 2016

Magic meets sci-fi as opposing forces battle for dominance in a war-torn galaxy.

After the accidental discovery of magic centuries previous changed the way the universe runs, nothing is the same as the masters of magic, the High Sages, face their greatest challenge in the Technomages, a group of races that use technology to give the illusion of magic at work, and that will do anything to destroy their rivals, the Sages.

Into the middle of this centuries long war stumbles Ben Talbot, an information smuggler who is hired by the Determined Union of Mundane Sentient Species to carry a secret to some of their most capable  analysts in the hopes of preventing the Union from being crushed in between the two galactic superpowers. The question is, will Ben live long enough to deliver it?

Follow Ben in this sci-fi/fantasy fusion story that's filled with action, tech, and crispy one-liners and hope that he can deliver the goods before he gets dropped into a deep hole forever!

  • elves
  • fusion
  • magic
  • techno-mages