Chapter Twenty Three

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Ren and I didn't speak anymore until we reached our destination.

We reached the top of the hill, as it leveled off onto a beautiful landscaped area surrounded by a fence. Where we have ended up definitely looks like an event area, with a view at the far end, a significant manor in the middle and a formal lawn stretching out in front. We surely made the climb up the mountain for this.

Ren's driver takes us down a smooth driveway before we park in front of the manor. Peeking out the window, I investigate the decorations. Blooming white flowers and silk like banners hanging from many surfaces.

"Is this a wedding?" I question, turning back around to Ren. "You didn't take me to wedding, did you?"

Ren chuckles.

Weddings aren't all that common. Only the wealthy partake in them to show off their bond with their mate in a lavish ceremony. I've never been to one. My parents never married either, and I never assumed I would have one, or even attend one.

"Calm down darling, it's not like it's our wedding," Ren teases, to which I roll my eyes. He jumps out of the car and circles it to open the door for me.

Instead of going into the manor, Ren leads me around the building, where a wedding party is going on. People all dressed beautifully wander around, talking and laughing between each other while they sip wine from their tall stemmed glasses. The theme is lavender and white, which makes sense considering the dress Ren supplied me with.

"Who is this for?" I ask, as we merge into the group.

As we walk past, slightly tipsy women nudge at Ren, make comments about his appearance while most stare from a distance. I'm not surprised, considering Ren is an Alpha and also rather attractive. However, he doesn't seem to take much notice.

"Why don't you come and meet her," Ren prompts, leading me to who looks like the bride standing with her back to us.

When she turns around, I'm shocked at her appearance. She is stunningly beautiful - so much so I almost feel foolish being this close to her. She is adorned in a fitted lace dress, but I'm more fascinated by her features. Her eyes are the same emerald green as Ren's left eye, her hair long, wavy and a light brown.

"You made it," she says excitedly, engulfing Ren in a hug. "I missed you so much."

"Congratulations, you look lovely. I apologise for showing up late, we had a few delays," Ren explains, standing back to admire her dress.

I look between them, trying to figure out what is going on between these two. Whoever this girl is, I can't see her husband anywhere. She looks blushingly happy though; even more so now that Ren has appeared. They look related. There is no way she has those eyes and isn't related to him.

"I'm just happy you made it," she assures him before he gaze casts to me. "Is this your date?"

"This is Brielle. Brielle, this is my sister, Annie," Ren introduced.

She holds out a hand adorned with a giant crystal ring. I shake it gently, smiling tightly. I'm not sure why Ren has brought me here to his sister's wedding. Especially now that she is assuming it's a date between us. Is it?

"Lovely to meet you," Annie says brightly, her smile so warm and accepting. It quells my nerves only slightly. "I'm glad my brother brought a date. I've never him take interest in anyone."

Ren rolls his eyes, nudging her. "Alright Annie."

Annie raises an eyebrow at her brother before she loops her arm through mine. It takes me aback but I don't pull away. Looking at Ren for help, he doesn't look bothered at all by this.

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