Chapter 1: the beginning

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Hello, my name is Hirota, Hirota Rado. I live in Japan with my parents and siblings.

I have a short and spiky black hair and blue eyes. I have a decent grade at my school so I don't have to worry about getting yelled at by my parents.

My Mum is Japanese and my dad is Australian. My dad's name is Greg and he has blonde hair and blue eyes. My mum's name is Yuuki and she has black hair and black eyes.

 i have a younger brother and a sister, they're twins. My my sister came out first when I was 3 years old than my brother came out after my sister.

My brother's name is Kuro Rado. He has black hair and black eyes. He looks like my dad alot and he makes so many people form my school sometimes mistaken my dad for Kuro.

My sister's name is Shiro for her blank personality (it took them 3 years to figure out her personality -.-). she has white hair and azure blue eyes.

I'm 14 years old. My brother and sister is 11. My birthday is at July 7th. My brother and sister's is on August 14th.

Me, Kuro and Shiro are all otakus that likes the same things and our main favourites are SAO and KHR. 

We're not rich nor poor. we're just one normal family until that dreadful day had occured.

Hirota's POV

"I can't wait to go to school" both Shiro and Kuro said in unison asthey took their seats around the table.

we're at our dining room, ready to eat mum's cooked bacon and eggs.

"we all know that your excited to go to your brother's school my dear Shiro, Kuro" my mum Yuuki, said while she was hugging both Shiro and Kuro at the same time.

"then don't act like a kill-joy mum" Shiro said as she ahd escaped mum's hug and picked up a piece of bacon using her chopstick.

"Shiro, she's like that because she knows that your brother Hirota will look after you and Kuro when you enter the school" dad said as he entered the dining room with a newspaper in his hand.

"because of Hirota nii san, you'll act like that?" Shiro questioned mum as soon asshe finish her food.

"why of course, he is-"

"Let's go Shiro, Kuro or we'll be late for school" i cutted mum off as i walked my way towards the door with my bag (which inside has loads of anime stuff) on my back.

"Hai, Hirotanii san" both Shiro and Kuro said in unison again as they just got their bags and ran towards the door, trying to catch after me.

"Have a nice day you three" dad said as he continued reading his newspaper while drinking his coffee.

I was walking towards my school with my siblings, while a was listening "listen to the stereo by going under ground" I saw my sister stopped moitionless while staring into the alleyway. I had stopped behind her wth Kuro next to me, pulled out my earphones then tapped on her shoulders and asked "is there something there Shiro?"

Shiro then quickly turned around and sighed as soon as she saw both me and Kuro behind her abd said "oh, there is nothing there in that alleyway, it's that is have a feeling that someone is watchin us" all three of us was standing there in silence until Shiro broke the silence with her cheerful self and said "let's get to school, we'll be late if we stay here for too long" as she quickly ran in front of me and Kuro. I had putted my earphones back in my ear and muttered "Shiro could be right about someone watching us from the shadows, even I can feel the presence of someone there"

When we had arrived at school I had shown both Shiro and Kuro around the school and told them that we'll meet up at the roof top at lunch and i'll introduce them to some of my friends.

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