Morena's POV

"Excuse me..." I said as I tried to walk by a group of students who were standing in the middle of the way. I grimaced lightly as I finally made it to go past them. Finally I arrived at the restaurant Thiago had told me to met him.  I had intervene - it wasn't really a good idea to go to a restaurant but he didn't listen - just said see you there and hung up- Football players. Always it had to go their way.

I looked around to see where Thiago was sitting as my eyes finally found him; he waved me over to him. I took a deep breath and went over to the table he was sitting.

"I don't think it's a good idea to discuss things here." I said, while I sat on the chair. "Why not? I was hungry and we can talk here perfectly while eating something. It's not like we have to discuss anything secret." He replied, with a smile on his lips. "Actually I don't even think it'd be necessary to talk about the press conference tomorrow. I did talk with Scolari about it and I don't think it will be a problem for me attending it." I sighed slightly. That was so typical - they always thought they're prepared for everything. "Reporters can be ugly." I said and he just shrugged. "It's the first press conference... it'll be fine." He said and stopped as the waiter came to our table.

Thiago ordered for both of us. I raised an eyebrow and looked at him, as he looked back at me, still with a smile on his lips. "I'm sure you'll love it." He just said, already knowing what I was about to say as I opened my mouth. "I'm sure of it." I said instead - after all he had ordered my favourite meal in this restaurant; it wasn't like I never had been here actually I was really often here but he couldn't know.

"I should thank you that you came here." He said, after none of us said something for a few seconds. It was a quite awkward silence which he tried to break with that. "I didn't really have a choice Mister." I said, remembering that he just hung up. He grinned and looked at me. Our eyes met but as I realized that I was about to get lost in them I looked away and felt that I blushed lightly. Perfect. I wasn't sure how to act in front of him. He couldn't remember what had been between us but was it a good idea to tell him? Would he believe me? Or maybe he'll think I was lying just to get his attention? But being alone with him didn't really help me to make a decision - not at all. The way he looked at me... it made me think back and I wished he'd remember.

I found myself staring at a couple that was sitting not far away from our table. He tried to feed her with his food and ended up putting the most of the food on her lips instead into her mouth, both of them laughed and then he leaned forward to put his lips on hers. As he did that I looked away, just to see that Thiago had followed my gaze. "Do you have a boyfriend?" I heard him ask before he looked back at me. I stared at him with open mouth for a moment. I blushed and looked down. Why did he ask me that? Maybe he thought I was missing someone? Maybe I thought of someone while watching that couple? In that point he was right because I had wished they'd be me and him but he couldn't know... and we probably never will be... "I ... no I haven't... but... Thiago we shouldn't be talking about me having a boyfriend or not bu-"

I finally had made it to say something to his question but he interrupted me in the middle of it. "But about me and the press conference I know but I was curious." He said which caused me to look up and meet his eyes looking at me.

I felt like my heart skipped a beat as Thiago reached out with his hand to stroke away a strand of my hair that had fallen into my face. "You're really beautiful... it surprises me to hear that you don't have a boyfriend." He mumbled but I understood what he said. "You're handsome and you're single too... guess sometimes things..."

"Doesn't work out the way you want to." He ended the sentence. I shivered lightly as I remembered that he had said this sentence to me before - quite a déjà-vu feeling.

He opened his mouth to add something but the waiter showed up and brought us the dinner. We both started eating and I made it to keep the conversation more business - all the other private questions made me just feel weird and it wasn't a good idea of thinking of my time in Paris while he couldn't remember. Should I tell him? But how should I tell him that? I didn't even really know why he had drunk so much that one night - something must have happen; most likely with his fiancé back then. Yeah they had split up after that night and even if I had always tried not to think that it was my fault; I kind of got proven now that it wasn't - because he couldn't remember me.

Afterwards Thiago insisted of walking me home - he wasn't here with his car neither was I but it wasn't that far away for me; more for him. He'd loose time by walking me home but he said he couldn't let me walk alone in the night - so we ended up walking next to each other. Like I said it didn't took long for us to arrive in front of my apartment. I stopped in front of the door and turned around to look at him. "Thank you Thiago even if it wasn't necessary to walk me home." I said and he smiled. "You're welcome and it was."

I slightly bit my bottom lip; again we were at this point where I didn't know what the hell I should say. Should I invite him upstairs? Or better not? After all we had a 'business' dinner and not a date. A date. Ha. Why did I even think of having a date with Thiago Silva? That didn't help me to clear my thoughts. Not even a bit. "I hope I convinced you that I can deal with the press conference tomorrow." He said and winked at me. "Good night Mo-"

"SIIILVAAA!!! Don't you dare to loose tomoorrroooooow!" Both of us turned around as a car with students drove by and they shouted that over to us. "Crazy." Thiago mumbled while looking after him. I looked at him.

As his chest rose and fell with his breathing. His muscular arms in which I had been once. I bit my bottom lip while looking at his lips. The taste, the feeling was way to present even if it was already over a year ago. I didn't realize that Thiago was looking back at me, first as he cleared his throat. I blushed as I realized he had caught me starring at him. Oh dear no. He chuckled lightly. "You look adorable when you blush." He said and I looked back at him after I had forbid myself to look at him. Our eyes met again. I shouldn't look into his eyes. That wasn't helpful for me to keep a clear mind - to not drift away with my thoughts. "Good night Thiago." I said and turned around. It was better to leave but he seemed to think different about it. He grabbed my wrist to turn me around and pull me close to him - to close. I looked up to him - well he was taller than me but that wasn't a surprise... all football players I knew were taller than me.

"Morena... it might sound weird..." He started while looking at me; straight into my eyes. "But I got the feeling I've met you before." He mumbled and I felt like my heart stopped breathing; I hold on my breath and waited for him to continue but he didn't - instead he leaned down and I closed my eyes, already expecting his lips on mine. Few seconds later I felt them. The familiar feeling went through me as soon as our lips were connected and I couldn't break the kiss. I kissed him back. I wasn't thinking of letting go of him so easily and he seemed not to think of stopping yet too. I felt his hands on my back as he pulled me even closer; if that was even possible - there wasn't really an inch between us anymore and I could feel his body close to mine. My hand had found her way to his neck. "What the hell?"

Both of us let go of each other immediately as we heard that voice. Two guys were staring at us. "Neymar..." I heard myself saying and avoided to look at the other one who had looked away disappointed. My cousin instead was looking at me angry? Angry? Why was he angry at me? "I don't even want to hear why you guys are making out right here but I'm sure you know that if your boss finds out that there will be consequences." He snapped. "Neymar it wasn't her fault." Thiago said which caused me to look at him. We did really kiss each other ... oh my god. "I don't care... Thiago.. just... go." Neymar said and I raised both eyebrows while I looked back at him. "Why are you even here Ney?" I asked. I didn't think of justifying myself because I had kissed Thiago. It was none of Neymar's business. "Ricardo told me what had happen between you guys and I thought you guys should talk..." He said, ignoring Thiago now and just looking at me. "I don't even am thinking of talking to Ricardo. Best is... you both leave. Now." Neymar grimaced and I knew that he was angry at me but I didn't care. Just because he was friends with Ricardo he couldn't force me to forgive him - Ricardo is my ex-boyfriend who cheated on me several times and wants me back after I broke up with him. He and Neymar are friends.

"We talk tomorrow." Neymar added while walking past Thiago and I.

I closed my eyes and shook slightly my head. Why did he have to show up? Ugh. "I'm sorry." I heard Thiago say and looked at him. "You don't have to -"

He didn't let me finish my sentence. His words hurt me. "I shouldn't have kissed you."

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