~ After 15 mins. ~

I'm here finally! I went near at their door and pressed the doorbell,


Then the door oponed, it was a little girl who opened.

"Hey! Are you Jan's sister? " I asked her, "Nope! I am Darren's sister! " she said. Oh. Darren's sister.  Suddenly, someone called her, "Lynelle? What are you do --- Hey Jane! " it was Darren. " Hey Darren! Is Jan there?"  I ask him, "Lynelle please get inside. Um, yeah she is. C'mon get inside. " he said. Then when I got inside, wow! So big!

            Then I heared the noise again . We walked down going to the basement, and heared an angelic voice. When we finally arrived.




Ahhh! I'm fangirling inside!

"Hey Jane! Boys! I want you to meet my new pal, Jane. She's a YouTuber too, like us." Jan introduced me to them. I remained so silent, but I waved a 'Hi' to them.

"Hey Jane! Nice meeting you! I'm Connor!" Connor said. I know. I'm Riley! Nice meeting you Jane." Riley said. Of course! And OMG! Finally its Toby's turn. He went near and nodded a little, "Nice meeting you Jane! Im Toby. I am actually one of your fans, and by the way your beautiful in person. And oooohhh! I liked your 'Just A Dream' cover! It so perfect." then he smiled, I smiled back so sweetly. " Thank You! And nice meeting you all!" I said happily.

Then I looked at Jan. She winked at me then I mouthed 'Thank You' and then she nodded.

We all went upstairs after their recording of their new cover. Then they invited me to watch a movie marathon with them.

So we all sat down .. (From the left it was, Lynelle, Jan, Darren, Toby, Jane, and Riley) While Connor is cooking the popcorn.

"Kuya! Im tired already! Tulog na tayo! (C'mon lets sleep)" Lynelle said. "Okay, guys, I'll be back cause Lynelle wants to go to sleep she said she's tired already." Darren announced. "Okay .. Bye Little Girl! See you tomorrow. D, be sure you' ll be back." Jan said. "Bye Lynelle nice meeting you." I said. "Nice meeting you too Jane! Bye crazy brothers!" she said. "Bye Little girl! " the brothers said in unison.

Then, they went out and on time Connor brought a big bowl of popcorn. "Popcorn!" Toby and Riley shouted. Me, Connor and Jan just laughed at them.

When all of us are settled down, Toby put on the movie. I became so excited! Because look! DESPICABLE ME 2 is in the TV right now! Wahhhh! "MINIONS! AHHH! Dave is my favorite! " I said excitedly. Then they all laughed. "Haha! I know you'll love it and I like Dave too!" Toby said.


"Guys, are you still there?" a familiar voice said, "D! Come in! Here at the living room" Jan said. It was Darren.

When we got tired of watching different kinds of movie, we all fell asleep. When suddenly I felt someone lifting my head and put a pillow under. I opened my right eye a little, it was Toby. I felt my cheeks burning. So I directly closed my eyes, but then a small giggle was released by him. I think he saw that I was blushing.

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