chapter 5

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laila's pov

I see Bianca running back to the hotel I find Taylor and when we get to the hotel we search everywhere until taylor finds her in the bathroom on the floor with her arm full of blood. I knew exactly what she did.

Bianca's pov

I wake out I start to look around and I realize I'm in the hospital then I see Laila,Taylor,the boys, and carter. I yell at carter and say " get the fuck away from me fucking asswhole I don't want you here go!"

carter's pov

I get a text from Laila saying that Bianca was in the hospital. I run to my car and drive there I get there and Bianca starts waking up I noticed she had cuts on her arm. then I say " babe are you alright?"

laila's pov

I pull Carter to the said and say wtf happened? was would she cut her self she only does that when something bad happened so wtf did you do???

Taylor's pov

while we were at the hospital carter comes in and Bianca goes nuts she startes yelling and shit. I turn around and I see Laila almost about to punch carter in the face. I quickly run over there and hold Laila back wht the hell guys.

               3 hours later

laila's pov the doctor came in and said that Bianca was ready to go home and we did I tried to keep Bianca away from carter but it was hard because he kept following us everywhere.

Bianca's pov

I get to the hospital I just knew that if I saw carter I would punch him.

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