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                                                          ~ next day ~

laila's POV

we and Bianca went with the boys to magcon we were both excited. later on taylor ask me to go on stage with him I was really shy but I went anyways.

Bianca's POV

laila ended up on stage so you can just imagine what happened next. Taylor asked her out! I was so happy for her. everyone  was waiting in suspense  for laila to answer but she said yes and boom they were making out. all the fans yelled "Awww" it was so cute.

carter's POV

Taylor finally did he asked laila out now it was my turn but I wanted to do something else so I set up a night picnic at the beach with bianca then I'll ask her out. I'm just praying that she yes says I really love her.

                                                 * later on that same day *

Bianca's POV

when magcon was over me and laila went to our room to relax. a couple of minutes later we headed a knock on the door. laila got it she calls me and I walk over there. boom there he was it was carter holding a rose he then said " hi uhm do you wanna go on a date with  me". "uhm sure give me 3 mins to change" I say I run to the bath do my make and change.

laila's POV

when we returned from magcon we went into our room when we heard a knock on the door. I got up and answered it was carter holding a beautiful rose he asked for Bianca I called her then they started talking and they left I was all alone then Taylor texted and asked if I wanted to go to their room I said sure why not be there in a sec.

carters POV

Bianca and I arrived at the beach she looked stunning with the wind blowing her hair back she was my dream girl. we started talking and I did it I finally asked her out I said " so I know we just met but I really love you would you please do me the honor of being my friend "

she then started to cry and said yes, yes I will be your girlfriend we started kissing.

Bianca's POV

He finally asked me out I've been waiting for this to happen for such a long time. in my head I was yelling and screaming yes yes yes!!!!! but on the outside I said it calmly.

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