Chapter 8

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1 year later
Bianca's pov|| after everything that had happened i went to therapy and got way better i never would never cut again. The only people i trust was the magcon boys everyone except carter... I started seeing this guy i didnt let him get to close because i had a feeling i would return to my old self😪

Laila's pov|| after everything that had happened with bianca and carter she got way better she started to smile again I couldn't have been more proud of her. Taylor and me stayed together we were like a spark we loved each other to infinity and beyond 💘.

Taylors pov|| I kinda felt bad about bianca but carter deserve her he was a jerk. A week later the three of us plus the boys went to the mall and then bianca came face to face with carter it was an awkward moment of silence but she controlled herself and simply walked away. Laila and I decided to watch a movie while bianca and her beffo hung out. When the movie was done we searched for bianca and she was at wetseal laila walks in and saw a dress but it was $99.00 we left the store then i dropped the girls of at their house. i went back to wetseal a bought the dress that laila got. I hope she likes it.

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