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chapter 4

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Laila's pov

when i went to the boys room they were vining. It was hella funny they were doing a smack cam on hayes. i endeding up crying from laughther. when they were done we decieded to play hide n go seek.me and taylor hide together while jack j and jack g count me and taylor went down the hall to the janitors closet. since it was dark we hurned the light on i tried to get up but i fell and fell on taylor we looked at each other and started to kiss it was magical.

taylor's pov

me and laila hide in the janitor's closet. she then accidently tripped and fell on top of me she still looked cute.

bianca's pov

me and carter decided to go back to the hotel we went to his room and everyone was playing hide n seek we decided to play to we were all playing till 5 in the morning.while we were playing everyone kncoked out some were asleep in the bathroom,the hall,and the kitchen table.

                                                                  * later on in the day *

carter's pov

i decided to invite bianca, laila , and taylor to a huge party my friend was throwing so we went i started drinking and drinking a lot i got so drunk.

bianca's pov

carter started drinking a lot i sort of got worrided. then this girl came up to me and said hey isnt that your boyfriend over there. i turn around and i see carter making out with this hoe. i got so mad i ran to the  hotel crying i got my razor and made 8 clean cuts then i saw all black.

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