Running from the paps

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Madison POV

What the actual fuck I'm have a slow dance with my boyfriend an then paparazzi has to come and ruin it.

"Ni what are gonna do" I asked concerned "I'm not sure princess but I'm going to think of something don't worry" he said reassuring me

I ran up to the Mic "everyone go to the back and use the back door to go home thank you" with that everyone went home, "come on guys we have to go home and make sure it's locked" I grabbed Niall's hand and we went to the back door, I hopped in my car Mia in the back and Niall beside me

We got back to the house, I literally sprinted up to my room and closed the door, I laid on my bed and just start to cry thinking about all the hate I'm going to get

"Mads are you okay?" Mia asked coming to sit by me "yea just thinking about all the hate I'm going to get" I said while sniffling, she hugged me patting my back telling me everything is okay

"Hey Niall come here and comfort her she I thinking about the hate" Mia yelled "hey princess are you okay?" Ni asked concern dripping from his voice

"Yea" I said putting on a fake smile

"Come here" he said gesturing to sit on his lap, I sat on his lap and burried my face in the crock of his neck, I sniffled

He kissed my forehead telling me everything was okay, I nodded and got off his lap, I grabbed a tank top and pj pants, along with undergarments and walked to the bathroom,"I'm taking a shower Ni" I yelled putting the water on

I put Try Hard by 5SOS on and started singing along, I got in the shower done my business and put my pjs on, I put my hair in a pony tail

I walked out to the kitchen to see Niall on the phone, "who ya talking to Ni?" I was quite curious as to who he was talking to "Calum" he replied while going back to talking "Calum as in Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer, 1 of the awesomest bands in the world" I asked seriously surprised

"Yep, oh and they will be here in about 12 minutes" he replied putting his phone in his pocket walking over to me "why are they coming over Mr. Horan" I said while raising an eyebrow "because they are one of your favorite bands and they are close friends of mine" he said while kissing my nose

"Okay, oh and I'm making some lunch since it's 2:35 in the afternoon" with that we nodded and went our sepret ways

(Sounds like their breaking up no no nope just Madi going to the kitchen and Niall going to the living room)

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