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Rayn Taylor as Chris Brooks

Chapter 3

It was lunchtime and they were serving pizza which was the worst thing I ever tasted. Seriously! Are they trying to kill us or something. I decided to sit alone today and clear out my mind. Sitting with Rachel wasn't a choice because she had her so called friends along with her all the time and they were more bitchy than she was. And I got all that just from yesterday.

I found an empty table at the right corner of the cafeteria and dediced to sit there. The table was very clean and a perfect spot for me to do some writing. Besides soccer who I loved, writing was my second hobbie and because I like to spill my thoughts and ideas on paper since I couldn't dare say them to someone.

"Hey soccer girl!" some girly voice called me. I moved my head and saw that it was the same girl who had helped me find the gym yesterday.Now what was her name....Melanie? No.Bethany? No.Oh right Stephanie.

"Hey Stephanie, what are you doing here?" I waved at her. She took the seat in front of me while I throwed out my lunch.

"So what are doing sitting here alone, your sibling too good for you?" she ignored my question.

"Well I decided that I shouldn't hang out with my brother's friends because they're just gross and don't even let me get started on my sister, she's horrible."

"Yeah I know can you believe that me and her were actually best friends freshman year." My mouth was hanging open. I was too shocked. Stephanie best friends with my evil sister. How?

"See no-one believes me and that's the reaction I get from everyone."

"No way! What happened?" I mouthed. Still shocked at what she had said.

"Well one day I saw her making out with my boyfriend and then she told me that they've been going out before he had asked me to date and I dumped pasta on her and I walked away. From that day we still don't talk, I can't even look at her direction."

This was unbelievable. My sister was a horrible person. And guess what. I had to live with her. Yay me!

"Omg Steph I am so sorry for bringing it up I didn't know.I can't imagine what you must have felt." I apologized immediately.

"No worries. It was a good thing that it happened because it made me realize what a d*ck of a boyfriend I was dating and what slut of a best friend I had." She frowned and she looked down. I felt bad for her but I didn't know what to say.

"Okay how about we change topics? Um can you tell me anything related to Adrian Parker?" I don't why I asked that but it was the first thing that just popped up.

Steph looked up and started wiggling her eyebrows. "Ahh you like him don't you?" She teased me.

"No no no. I was just asking plus he's not my type." Did I like him? No. Was I interested in him? Maybe.

"And I was just saying." She added.

Stephanie starred at me for a couple of second like she was trying to read me. But she didn't get anything from the look of her confused face. Than her eyes light up.

"I just thought of a great idea. I think you should date Adrian."

My mouth was hanging open for the second time today. Umm whatttt?

"Did I hear you correctly? You think I should date Adrian? Didn't you hear me say that he wasn't even my type a second ago?" This girl was crazy.

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