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Hey readers! So this is not a scenario as you can tell by the title. But this is a short announcement type thing. So anyways, as I said before, this book will be over soon. But don't worry. Be happy! Because Book two has a few scenarios out already! And I promise I will update that much quicker than this.

Another thing is: Here in my area, school is starting Monday. Which is August 18. And from there, Book Two will be out so you guys can read it!! HOORAY!

And you guys may be wondering, who's the character of Book Two? It is no other than SLENDERMAN! You guys requested this a bunch in kik and I can't agree more.

If you guys love Creepypasta or horror, follow me! We have a lot in common! So other than all that I mentioned, hope you all have an awesome day! And goodluck in school! Wish you all the best!

If you need advice, feel free to PM me or Kik me @flory50, I would love to listen to you guys.

Ciao! ~


Thank you for staying until the end! And if you skipped, then your no fair :-(

Lol, Anyways. I will be giving SHOUTOUTS to ALL my followers! So if you are one of my followers, tell me why they should follow you. (What books you have, what you like, or whatever. (-:)

Yes, I will post shout outs to my page, this book, my other books, etc!!•_•

That's all the fun we have Mishies. Thanks for reading and Follow! Vote! 'Cuz... YOLO!

I know YOLO's are annoying, sorry!

~Mish 😘

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