Hate ~pt 5~

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Carlos: What happened to Nessa? *walks fast with Makayla*

Makayla: I don't have time to explain I'm sorry..*gets into the girls bathroom*


Makayla: Vanessa??

Vanessa: *sobbing with tears falling down her face*

Makayla: *grabs her some paper* Here..

Vanessa: *blows nose and wipes eyes* I- i can't b-believe she could be mean like t-this to me..

Makayla: I know. I truly know. I seriously can't even believe how she could act like this! It's disgusting behaviour!

Carlos: *walks in*

Makayla: Omg.

Vanessa: Carlos?

Carlos: Baby? *holds her up*

Vanessa: Carlos your gonna get into huge trouble! *tears fall on his shirt*

Carlos: So? I can't see you like this..it breaks my heart seeing you like this

Vanessa: Oh my god babe I love you..*holds him tighter*

Makayla: *holds Vanessa's tissues*

Vanessa: Now what if Karla finds out?

Carlos: I won't let her get to you..

Vanessa: I love you Carlos

Carlos: I love you more..

Makayla: Vanessa I'll be outside if you need me..*leaves*

Vanessa: But Carlos, what if she does something bad to us? Like both of us?

Carlos: *sniggers* Babe I'll protect both of us as hard and much as I can..

Vanessa: *starts kissing him*

I'm so glad I had Carlos with me. I really hope this drama does get any more because, I don't need this kind of stress in my life.

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