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          " I don't want to hear anything " King Adel bellowed

      " I almost lost my son , I want you all to find out who is behind this as well as behind the death of our head chief. Whoever it is will not be given a second chance. What does this person want by killing my children? Is he a rival? Is he some long lost enemy? What?" 

        He shouted at the security team, who had no answer to any of Adel's questions and hung their heads down feeling drowned.

        "I don't want my kids to deal with any of this again till we find out who is behind all these crimes , I want them away and I want them safe - No one ! No one should be told about their whereabouts ! Is that understood? "

         He questioned looking around as everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

     " I don't want to go through with what happened to Amaan happen to anyone else."    He sighed.


Three weeks later :

          " So brother this is it then..." Amaan had an arm around Aamir

" Yes Amaan this is it, I will be back in one year In Sha Allah " Aamir kissed his younger brother on his forehead as he wrapped him in a bear hug " You take care of yourself" He added with affection as he turned around to his mother who had tears in her eyes"

         Aamir's departure was top secret , he was leaving in a private jet in the middle of the night. The Prince's security was everyone's top priority in the kingdom - After saying goodbye to all of them he got on the jet and greeted his four best friends who were already inside and had been picked up at different timings at different places - no one other than four most loyal men and the royal family knew about Aamirs departure.

        With one last wave and heartfelt Salaams the flight took off and Aamir sat comfortably in his seat as he took off on his first adventure to Australia , his dreams finally coming true at last but all his thoughts were left behind with his loved ones.


             "  Here I am Los Angeles " I whispered as I stepped down from a a Boeing 637 , It had been two days since Aamir's departure and last night I had gotten on the jet too with tearful goodbyes and a whole lot of mystery as I was secretly snuck into our families royal jet from one such destination I was snuck into a common flight in the first class category but it seemed so much more normal to me, I felt just like every other human felt- FREE .

         And here I was , my dream coming true at last. No one accompanied me just as I had wanted . I was free to do as I willed as long as I stayed hidden from the cameras and from the world from today I was not Prince Amaan of Jordan , I was just Amaan like any other Amaan - a common being. Now how I do I get to that pent house of mine I wondered as I scanned the crowd to see who had come to pick me up.


     I know , I know it is short but I am not well at all , I am in bed typing whereas I feel like drowsing right now so please co-operate , love u guys will try to update as soon as possible sorry for such a long wait .

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