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•Alpha - The strongest and most authorative male wolf in a pack. Act as a leader of a werewolves' community.

•Beloved - Vampire's soulmate.

•Beta - The second most strongest and respected male wolf after the alpha. Also known as second in command.

•Coven - the organization or community of supernatural being like vampire, witches, etc.

•Gamma - The third in command. Third most respected male wolf after the Alpha and Beta.

•Elder - Werewolves / vampires who USED to be Ruler. Aged wolf/vamps who possessed incredible power.

•Hybrid - a creature who is Half-human, half vampire and half werewolves. They are considered the most powerful in their community.

•Luna - The mate of the Alpha. The most respected female wolf/personality in the pack. She is Alpha's equal.

•Lycan - Powerful than normal werewolves; It is also a Were.

•Master Coven / Coven Master - The ruler of the vampire. The strongest and the leader of the Vampire coven. Just like Alpha does.

•Mate - Short term for Soulmate. A werewolf's other half match by the Moon Goddess.

•Mating - The full process of the couple being one. This includes marking, claiming, sexual intercourse and bonds.

•Marking/claim - The process in which a he-wolf will mark his mate on her neck, symbolizing that the she-wolf belonged to him, ONLY HIS.

•Mind-link - also known as telepathy; a way of talking using their minds.

•Moon Goddess - Werewolves worship Moon Goddess; the only God of Wolves. She's known to match a wolf to another creature. If human have Gods and Saints to worship, Werewolves have the Moon Goddess.

•Omega - the lowest rank of werewolf in a pack. Known to be maid, poor, beggar, bully victim and was pictured as a weakling.

•Pack - Community of werewolves, their Home.

•Pack House - A mansion where high-class werewolves live and reside.

•Pureblood - Types of vampire. The strongest bloodline of vampires. In werewolf, this kind of bloodline is what we called Lycans.

•Rejection - A process in which a s/he-wolf refuses to have his/her mate as his/her half. A process of rejecting soulmate.

•Rouge - A homeless/packless werewolf. S/he belonged to no pack. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes a runaway rejected mate.

•Shift - a transformation form of werewolves, (From human form to wolf or from wolf form to human).

•Turn - A process in which a human will become a vampire. This will happen if the vampire will bite the Human's neck; not because of feeding but because of the process of being turn.

•Warrior - The one who's fighter during war. A warrior's family is considered as classy family.

PS: The meanings are mine. Not Ms. Merriam's

-Jazzlived ♥♥

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