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Real Luv by mrspimpinainteasy
Real Luvby $UPER$TAR
"let me be your getaway. feel like a dream, but we still awake" SLOW UPDATES
B. U. D. D. Y. S by knownascrisandra
B. U. D. D. Y. Sby CriSandra❤️
Two bestfriends longing for attention from they partners but when they don't get such attention they both go looking in the same direction but in different ways, continu...
Best Stories in Wattpad by MinalZzz
Best Stories in Wattpadby ꨄ︎
Wala ka na bang mababasa na stories? No worries. Here's the best stories in Wattpad. Malay mo, hindi mo pa nabasa ang mga best story na sinasabi ko. Check it out! :)
The Best Bad Boy Books  by angelexcitedgirl
The Best Bad Boy Books by angelexcitedgirl
All of these books are amazing! All of them are completed. And all credit goes to the author of these books
[C] 谁 WHO | 지민 ✓ by heitsmehari
[C] 谁 WHO | 지민 ✓by ᴼʷˡ
Pertunangan selama hampir 6 tahun itu seakan sia- sia saja bila si jejaka, Park Jimin mula tawar hati dengan Xiao Ren. Gadis berdarah cina itu. Kesibukan kerja buatkan c...
DORA X READER(joke) by Theallmightyrandom
DORA X READER(joke)by Whaleburkahoot
That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime 1 by Les_Amirah
That Time I got Reincarnated as Les_Amirah
A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker's new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voi...
Theme and Bio Shop by HiJug6789
Theme and Bio Shopby ˜”*°•.˜”*°• Siri •°*”˜.•°*”˜
Welcome to our Theme and Bio shop!Find themes and bios here!Check it out. Owners-@HiJug6789 & @Starfall9807
Worthy Romance Reads  by ryelleking
Worthy Romance Reads by ryelleking
Who doesn't love a good romance story? Especially one that keeps you on your toes, making is almost impossible to put down. P.S. all my recommended books are completed b...
Humorous Nonsense VI by WHEREiSSASHA
Humorous Nonsense VIby a bitch
The nonsensical whims of a mad author. Basically, just a deranged bear and what goes on in her head, even though it's kind of muddled in there. Well, it's mostly occupi...
Wattpad Books You Won't Regret Reading | Book Recommendations✨ by jsmnrslda_
Wattpad Books You Won't Regret jasmine♡
☀️Only the best Wattpad books to read. Get ready to be a nocturnal for these amazing books you won't let go of and stop reading. ☀️
Best Tagalog Stories on Wattpad by arianaisback
Best Tagalog Stories on Wattpadby ARIANA
The best stories on wattpad! Please read and vote!
The Rule of Human Brain by ShamayelKhan
The Rule of Human Brainby Shamayel Shahir Khan
A young 16 year old teenager tries to explain the social awkwardness which is happening right now in every single country of the world. This work is dedicated to all the...
hey check these stories out, im sure you'll love them too ☺😇 Ranked #532 in Random 10/13/17
Add It To Your Library by voyage_and_discovery
Add It To Your Libraryby Emaan
May the Gods Of Non-Cliche always bestow their mercy upon us. Only a year on Wattpad, and all these cliches force me to set my laptop on fire. ■ A collection of your bes...
Bodyguardku Kekasihku (HIATUS) by HanzEjay
Bodyguardku Kekasihku (HIATUS)by probably yours
Hi~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ Tengku Ayeen Natasha dan Tengku Myzara Aisya ialah adik beradik. Mereka mempunyai rantai permata yang sama tapi mempunyai warna yang berbeza. Tanpa mereka...
Wings Of Fire Truth Or Dare!!! With Dragonets of destiny and jade winglet by WingsOfFire23010
Wings Of Fire Truth Or Dare!!! WingsOfFire23010
There r ships it it to the ships are (ALSO IM NOT DONE EDITING THE BOOK )Claril,Glorybringer,Anemarin,Turtlejou,Lynxter,Moonbli,Ripnami,Fateflight & SunnyFlight and yee...
Agents | hs (SLOW UPDATES) by haroldtookachonce
Agents | hs (SLOW UPDATES)by haroldtookachonce
"Loving you is the biggest risk" "Why?" "Because I would take a bullet for you. Not the President" ~ Amber Blackthorn has worked for the CI...