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[C] 谁 WHO | 지민 ✔ by heitsmehari
[C] 谁 WHO | 지민 ✔by ش🌸
Pertunangan selama hampir 6 tahun itu seakan sia- sia saja bila si jejaka, Park Jimin mula tawar hati dengan Xiao Ren. Gadis berdarah cina itu. Kesibukan kerja buatkan c...
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Best Stories in Wattpad by MinalZzz
Best Stories in Wattpadby MAR
Wala ka na bang mababasa na stories? No worries. Here's the best stories in Wattpad. Malay mo, hindi mo pa nabasa ang mga best story na sinasabi ko. Check it out! :)
Best Wattpad Fantasy Stories by SterryNight
Best Wattpad Fantasy Storiesby Zephyriah
Stories that about Magic PS. Magaganda lahat ng story na to Promise!
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The Best Bad Boy Books  by angelexcitedgirl
The Best Bad Boy Books by angelexcitedgirl
All of these books are amazing! All of them are completed. And all credit goes to the author of these books
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Add It To Your Library by voyage_and_discovery
Add It To Your Libraryby Emaan
May the Gods Of Non-Cliche always bestow their mercy upon us. Only a year on Wattpad, and all these cliches force me to set my laptop on fire. ■ A collection of your bes...
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How to sex 101 by xellahx
How to sex 101by Ella
the clues in the name ;)
Falling For The Mafia Man  by Tyson_101
Falling For The Mafia Man by Maya🌹
When Sophia Diaz is made to marry the leader of the Spanish Mafia, Xavier Hernandez, she finds out that even the devil was once an angel. She fights for respect and is u...
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Science Fair (A short Hamliza story) by minecraftcreamerr
Science Fair (A short Hamliza .
Elizabeth Schuyler has come in the top three for the science fair every year since seventh grade. And now since she's in her junior year of college and the very last sci...
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A Filha Do Coringa by WinterDontJudge
A Filha Do Coringaby WinterDontJudge
Lucia é uma jovem angustiada, fadada a viver pelos corredores da academia Gothan lamentando o sumiço misterioso de seu gêmeo, Luca. Sua rotina, entretanto, é virada de c...
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Not So Little White Lies by Maryjoee
Not So Little White Liesby Maryjoee
She doesn't want anything to do with men. He only likes to enjoy ladies casual company. She was an earthquake that came into his life when he least expected and turned...
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we know that Katniss and Peeta won the 74th hunger games, but what about the other games?
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🌸  A Ba Ka Da  🇵🇭 by Study_Kookie
🌸 A Ba Ka Da 🇵🇭by 🌸Study_Kookie🌸
✨The BEST guide to learn and memorize the Filipino language✨ In the first book of my series "Learning the Filipino language with 🌸Study_Kookie🌸", you wil...
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Worthy Romance Reads  by ryelleking
Worthy Romance Reads by ryelleking
Who doesn't love a good romance story? Especially one that keeps you on your toes, making is almost impossible to put down. P.S. all my recommended books are completed b...
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T O P S┊Diabolik Lovers🍃 by iUTACHII
T O P S┊Diabolik Lovers🍃by U T A H
『Porque hoy el fandom se pregunta; ¿Cual es el mejor?』 ┋Versión Generalizada┋@lShuta ┋No se aceptan copias, adaptaciones, etc.┋I+P:310717 ┋Primer libro de este estilo: X...
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Wattpad Must Reads by xIamxthexbestx
Wattpad Must Readsby xIamxthexbestx
Highest Rank #156 in Random Getting bored?? Can't find the perfect book to read?? You've come to the right place!!! Here you'll find the best books you can read on watt...
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The Best Fantasy - Book Reviews by Ambassadors
The Best Fantasy - Book Reviewsby Wattpad Ambassadors
This is a collection of reviews of our favourite Wattpad Fantasy stories. Some of the stories may be well known, but we have also tried to find many more that are relati...
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Wattpad Books You Won't Regret Reading | Book Recommendations✨ by jsmnrslda_
Wattpad Books You Won't Regret jasmine♡
☀️Only the best Wattpad books to read. Get ready to be a nocturnal for these amazing books you won't let go of and stop reading. ☀️
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Diwata ng buhay ko by Ms_Crestfallen
Diwata ng buhay koby Angel Crestfallen
Mother knows best! ika nga.. yan ang ginagawa ng nanay ni Nicolai para sa sa anak nya... Madalas nakaka asar ang magulang pero aminin nyo kung hindi dahil sa kanila wala...
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Forbidden Love - Peppa Pig x Danny Dog  by kenny_thepenguin
Forbidden Love - Peppa Pig x ➪ Beach Bunny シ
The daring love story between two species in Peppa Pig Town that were never supposed to find love...... +Suzie Sheep is a SSSLLLLUUUUTTTTT 🚨🚨🚨This book is a whole jo...
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The Best AMBW Books by SHORBET
The Best AMBW Booksby 🍯
(Asian men/ Black Women books) Disclaimer; if you don't see your book in here, that does NOT mean your story isn't good. This is just based off of what I've read so fa...
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