Broken Promises

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Age : 16


I stumbled home before it was light out so there was no chance of anyone in the house being awake.
I used the little power I had left to unlock the door and made my way up to Mike's room as quietly as I could. I stood in the doorway, leaning against it to help me stay up. I can't keep lying to him like this...but I can't tell him either...
I slid under his grip and his arms immediately tightened around me from the back. He pulled me closer, resting his head in the crook of my neck. He was still asleep, it was like an instinct of his to do that.
I felt safe finally back in his arms and away from the cold and unforgiving lab. I smiled a little, content and quickly drifted off to sleep.

~ a few hours later ~

I woke up and the sun shone in my eyes, burning at first. I looked over at Mike and softly kissed his cheek. I'm sorry I havent told you yet, but I have to keep you safe.
I got up and went through his drawers, knowing I'd find clothes that I'd left here. Karen was so used to me coming over that she saved some of my clothes and put them in Mike's drawer for me.
I grabbed a pink striped shirt and a pair is jeans with rips at the knees.
I pulled off my yellow sweater and threw it in the pile of dirty clothes. I looked in the mirror and froze when I saw the bruises on my torso.
There was a large bruise on the side of my waist and a smaller one on my ribs, a few small ones in surrounding areas.
I knew these experiments were getting bad, but I didn't know they were this bad..
I threw on my new shirt and changed my jeans.
I looked at my new outfit, making sure it matched and was cute, and after a few seconds I turned around and saw Mike, rubbing his eyes as he sat up and then looking at me with a soft side smile.

" Morning Beautiful " He said quietly, his voice gravely with sleep.

" Good morning " I smiled at him. He's so cute...

He eyed me up and down, " You going somewhere? " He asked.
I laughed a little, " No, why? "
" You just look so good " He said simply and got out of bed with a blanket draped over his shoulders. I rolled my eyes, " shut up " I said jokingly. He sighed as he made his way over to me, " You love me " he said softly as he pulled me into a hug, wrapping the blanket around the two of us, his head resting on top of mine. I have to tell him today, this is so unfair. " I do love you, so much. " I said in a small voice, close to a whisper.
I could tell he knew something was wrong, though.
He looked at me, his smile faded and he furrowed his eyebrows. " El, is everything okay? " He asked, he sounded concerned.
" Y-Yeah..." I lied.
" Can I ask you something? " He said softly, his voice calm. I nodded. " Where did you go last night? " He asked.
" N-Nowhere, why? " I answered hesitantly.
" El, friends don't lie. " He said.
I sighed, " I had a nightmare, I didn't want to wake you up so I just went for a walk to calm myself down. " I confessed, fakely.
" Please just tell me the truth El, I promise I won't get mad I just want to know. "
I grabbed his hand, pulling him back to the bed. I sat down, expecting him to sit right next to me, instead he kneeled in front of me, taking both of my hands into his.
I looked him in his eyes, " Mike, the lab...I've been going every night..f-for weeks now.."
He shook his head, " I don't understand "
" I-I have to...they said if I don't..they'll do anything they have to to get me. They'll hurt you, everyone and anyone I love..whatever it takes. "
Mike stayed quiet.
Eventually he looked up, " You've been lying to me. " He said sternly, a tinge of sadness in his words.
" No..Mike...I..I couldn't tell you..I'm sorry.."
" Your broke it. How could you?! " I-I'm sorry Mike, I wanted to tell you, please trust me.." I cried out.
" Bullshit! You lied to me! You've been lying to me for weeks! " He yelled, full of rage, he stood and started pacing the room, " I can't believe you did this to me, El, I thought you were different, I thought I could trust you! "
" You can trust me! Mike, I promise, you can trust me. " I said, my eyes watering, tears on the brink of falling.
" No! I can't! You broke your promise, your promises don't mean shit to me now! " He yelled, anger filling the room.
I stood, my mind clouded.
The one person I love most, the person who makes me feel safe, the person I trust.
Mike, who makes me feel normal. Who understands me...
He hates me now.
" You know what, fine. " I said, tears falling, anger starting to overcome my sadness, my thoughts whirling and going wild.
" I'm going back to the lab, forever, and I promise I'm not coming back. That's a promise I'll keep! " I yelled, leaving the room in a flash, I ran down the stairs, and yes, I went straight to the lab.
" I'm back papa. " I called out into the echoey hall.
" Eleven, my child, I've been waiting for this day. " Brenner appeared with a soft smile.
" I'm pleased you've finally come to your senses, you're a smart girl, you'll be a lot of help to us. " He smiled wider, " Come with me, we will start the experiments right away. "
He held out his hand to me, I took his willingly.
This is my life now, this is how it always should've been and how it's going to be from now on.
No more broken promises.




Hi, so um, happy Valentine's Day! I'm always..
I hope you guys liked this. This book is a flop and my writing sucks but I love you guys so much. ❤️

Alsoooo I had to make a blackout poem for English and I used a page from The Fault In Our Stars

Alsoooo I had to make a blackout poem for English and I used a page from The Fault In Our Stars

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" Okay,
It's okay,
We were strong,
Gus was dying.
It's stupid,
Because I wasn't. "

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