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7장 : 먹자 !

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7장 : 먹자 !

( Chapter 7 : Let's eat !)




Chanmi's P.O.V.

A wide variety of shops lined the nearby streets: antique and art stalls, jewelry and accessory shops, luxury boutiques, souvenir kiosks and stores selling leather goods. Yet,we stopped in front of a particular shop,hidden among the other bigger ones.

Yup, it was nothing more than just a normal convenience store but I guess Jimin really liked it since we passed by many other better ones.

"So what do you want to eat? Gimbap? Ramen? Or a burger?" He asked as he checked through the shelves. I just followed him around.

"Whatever you want to eat,it's fine with me." I spoke in a low voice as I looked around the store.

"Great then! Let's just get the ramen...and some tteokbokki. I haven't eaten those in a while."

Before I could even say anything,he grabbed all the packets of food and went towards the table at the corner of the shop. He didn't lose any time and immediately began to prepare the ramen.

I just stood in silence,looking at him pace around,until the food was ready.

"Done!" He spoke excitingly and we both sat down to eat. I had just taken some bites of tteokbokki when I realized Jimin was half way done with the ramen.

Oh boy,never had I seen anyone that eager about food. I guess he must have been more hungry than me. A little giggle I couldn't contain,slipped my lips.Jimin looked up to face me.

"What? Why are you smiling?" I just shook my head still smiling to myself.

"Nothing,you just seem to enjoy food a lot."

"Well..." He put some more ramen into his mouth, " I hadn't eaten anything since last night."

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