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"first of all; your leg isn't broken." i carried tyler's books as he faked his leg injury.

"i know; i'm just doing this so i can leave class early." tyler gave me some kind of evil ass grin; before continuing to limp on his crutches.

"where did you even get crutches?" jahseh, who wasn't even supposed to be with us, asked.

"i stole them; from rakim, who's leg is actually broken."

so that's why he's not here.
i luv my friends.

"where we even going?" i asked; glancing at jah and tyler.

"to pick up stokeley and skai; then we going to lunch, to meet up with the others, dummy." tyler spat, continuing to limp.

"i should hit you with these damn bo-"

"hey symere," jordan's sexy ass voice whispered in my ear, and i jumped hella hard.

"aye!" i smacked his chest, rolling my eyes.

he laughed, starting to follow me.

"bitch, your not part of the squad." tyler stood on his crutches, mugging jordan.

"okay but symere is my friend." jordan mugged back.

i can be more than that but okay.

"nah my mans, you gots to go. i'm tryna go to lunch." jahseh flicked his hand; shaking his head.

"i'ma listen to yo ass because your crazy," he pointed at jah, then turned back to me, "bye sy, i'll see you in math." he smiled before walking away.

"i'm crazy too but okay. that's why his girlfriend looks like my mom." tyler snapped, walking foward.

"he doesn't have a girlfriend." i rolled my eyes and jah laughed.

"i see you symere." he laughed some more, and i nodded.

"he knows you can see him, you aren't blind."

- bAbY, cAn YoU fOcuS — oN MeEeEE."

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