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"who you gon' cuff jordan?" i smiled, breaking off a piece of his funnel cake; popping the warm sweet bread in my mouth.

"i got my eyes on a lil' baby." he smiled back at me, sipping his cola.

lmao it's probably not me but i hope it is.

"you should do it soon, cuffing season is real close. and, you know how everybody gets, ya feel me?" i explained, continuing to steal pieces of his funnel cake.

"i know symere, don't pressure me." he slapped my hand away; causing me to jump and snatch my hand back.

"that hurt." i whined, rubbing my palm.

"stop stealing my shit n' i won't do it again." he chuckled; biting into the cake; teasing me.

he's so mean; but i love it.

"anyways, i'm just warning you. you know how this town is. somebody can snatch her up real quick." i snapped my fingers; drinking my sprite.

"correction; issa he. and i'm sure, i'll do it right in time."

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