Chapter Two [Crash Into You]

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"Zaire, please I can't go alone" I whined jumping on his bed as he watched porn on his computer. He had a serious problem and watched in the open, it didn't even bother me anymore it was just annoying.

He didn't respond so I jumped on him causing his laptop to fall on the ground with a loud bang he smacked his teeth loudly and pushed me off.

"I don't want to go to no stupid Carnival and look at a bunch of ugly people and they kids" he said crossing his arms and pouting and I did a puppy dog face and looked at him sadly while poking my bottom lip out.

"Well fine lay here I'll just go with my dad alone" I shrug getting up and he glanced at me like he wanted to say something but continued to pout instead.

"They have snow cones" I said with a smile and he quickly got out of bed and put his shoes on as I laughed.

It was three in the afternoon and the carnival was around and I'd never been to one before. I spent all morning begging my dad to let me go and he finally agreed to take me. I wanted a family outing so Zaire had to go with us.

I heard my dad honk the horn from downstairs and I quickly ran down the stairs with Zaire following behind me trying to get to the passenger seat first. We went over this all the time when ever we were riding somewhere.

Zaire pushed me and jumped into the passenger seat and I gave him the screw face getting into the backseat again.

"Why y'all always do that, it's not that big of a deal" my dad said with his phone to his ear. I took it from him and hung it up causing him to look at me wide eyed.

"You promised me no phone today so stop breaking promises or I'll cry" I tell him and he snatched his phone back as he drove.

"Don't be hanging up my phone that was business" he mumbled and I rolled my eyes as Zaire messed with the radio.

I love my dysfunctional family and my dad lets us have enough freedom to the point were we're responsible enough to handle things. My dads honestly my other best friend and our relationship is built on trust and honesty.

When we got to the carnival I jumped out of the car extra excited looking at all of the people and their families. I even saw some really cute couples

"Alijah, calm down baby you look like you about to have a heart attack" my dad said walking up next to me and I looked up at him with a big smile.

I was just excited and in a really good mood. Zaire was on the other side of me and looking at some girl with his mouth open like a dog.

"Dad hold my hand" I tell him and Zaire smacked his teeth and shook his head walking in front of us. My dad reluctantly took my hand and we walked through the carnival looking at a bunch of the rides.

"I'm about to go eat watch after Zaire before he goes to jail for sexual harassment" my dad said handing me a hundred dollars and I took it gladly and grabbed Zaire's arm as he stared at some girls butt as she bent over and fed a baby an ice cream.

There was a line for the Farris wheel and we got in line and stood behind some kids. I looked at the girl in front of me and she was really pretty I just didn't like the color of her hair.

She turned around and looked at me almost as if she felt me staring at her and gave me a small smile.

"Hi I'm Rome" she said waving and I glanced at Zaire who wasn't paying attention.

"I'm Alijah" I said nodding and her eyes got wide before she tapped some boy on the shoulder and pointed at me. Her whole group of guy friends turned to look at me making me feel uncomfortable.

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