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Jack and Jack perform 5 of their songs throughout the course of the show- Distance, Flights, Paradise, Doing it Right and Wild Life. My favourite is Wild Life but that's irrelevant.

Taylor performs his two songs- Buckwild and Like Whoo. Dillon isn't here- I may have stolen his place as Taylor's plus 1. So Taylor rapped along to a backing track. I actually find the name '2Virgins' ironic because Taylor is definately not a virgin and neither is Dillon. Dillon, Taylor and I went to school together but Tay quit school to do it online so it's just me and Dillon- along with all the other people who try to be friends with us just to get close to Taylor- mainly girls. It annoys me because everyone loves him now but never gave him a second glance before he got famous.

"You alright?" Taylor asks me as he leaves the stage.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking." I explain

"Thinking about what?"


"Oh really?" He winks.

"I was thinking about us" I explain again "And Dillon"

"Ooh kinky" He smirks

"Ew no, not like that. You know I'd never think about that"

"Yeah, you're too pure and innocent to think about that. Plus I don't want to think about you with any boy other than me"

"Do you think about that?"

"Me and you?" He asks. I nod. "Yeah, all of the time"

"Then why haven't you made it happen?" I tease

"Do you want me to?"

"Yes" I say quietly.

"10 minutes and you're mine" He smirks.


10 minutes later and I find myself back upstairs in my hotel room. Taylor is laid ontop of me, kissing me.


I roll over onto my side. I watch Taylor as he sleeps. I'm glad I waited because it was definately worth it. I move over next to Taylor. Our bodies press together and I kiss his shoulder.

"You're amazing" He says in his husky morning voice.

"I know" I tease. He turns around in the bed so we are face to face.

"What was it your mom told you?" He asks

"Not to do anything stupid" I answer

"Too late"

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