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   I froze at the sight in front of me.
   There stood a man, tall and dark eyed, before me. His abnormally white skin tone made me shiver in fear as I began to tremble under his harsh stare.
   "Come here baby, daddy's got you."
The name daddy nearly made me giggle, but I was too shocked for anything but whimpers to escape my chapped lips.
I was afraid that he'd attempt to do the same thing The the other man did to me.
Touch me.
But luckily the other man didn't go to far, I was only bleeding because of the fact that his Long nails had dug deep into my inner thighs.
But there was no telling with this beat of a man could do to my frail body. He could probably crush my head in between his two bare hands. Or even snap me like the twig I am.
It took a few seconds for me to realize that the y'all mad had been ushering himself closer to me.
In shock, I fell into my butt and began to suck on my thumb, cringing as the metallic taste of my blood leaked onto my tongue. The closer the man got, the more interested I became with his body.
Colorful tattoos danced across his pale skin, his dark eyes resembled small pieces of Cole, and his muscles stood out more than any other feature on his body.
I winced as I felt his ice cold hand on my bare back, but soon the shivers that ran through my body turned into random waves of warmth.
And without thinking, I threw my small body into the unknown males arms, wanting to feel it all over my body. My heart stopped for a moment at the feeling of his arms snaked around my small frame.
My body lit up like a forest fire, but after a few moments it began to fade away. Whimpering, I grabbed onto him tighter, wanting the heat to come back.
After a while, the man Pulled away and dig into the back pocket of his dark jeans. Pulling out a phone, he began to dial a number.
p h o n e•c o n v e r s a t i o n
"Damien, I need you to come past the border, and make sure you bring your car."—A
"I've found my mate, and she's hurt pretty badly, so while your at it, stop at Jane's office and inform her about what's goin on, thanks."—A
"No problem, brother."—D

After hanging up, the tall man pulled me up and began to walk me out of the dark alley way and out into the open, but not before pulling off his leather jacket and draping it over my slip shoulders.
   I smiled as the warmth came back, and I could help but do a happy dance inside of my head.
   'I've been saved.'

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I worked hard. And I just want to thank kaliallen133 and PriyankaStyles_2005 for voting and commenting on my story, it means a lot!

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