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Sapphire could help but giggle as Alejandro's pale fingers danced across her goss-covered waist. After feeding her some soup—which contained a bit of his blood to help her heal—and Hot Chocolate, Alejandro had sat her down to discuss a few things, but got a little carried away. "Okay baby, it's time to get serious. I want to discuss a few thing with you."
Sapphire frowned as realization hit her like a pile of bricks.
He wants to take me back, doesn't he?
   Sapphire began to whimper as she curled up into a small ball, letting the  pure white cloth of her nightgown slip over her pale legs. She was too afraid to go back out and live on the streets, not with that man roaming, still alive. She'd rather live with a man she didn't know than sleep in a cardboard box for the rest of her life.
   "N-no take me back.." Sapphire could feel herself slipping into her little space. It often happened when she was scared, nervous or really excited. She tried her best to think happy, but the many scenarios that flooded her mind made everything worse.
   Alejandro began to worry as his little one placed her hands over her ears while rocking her small body back and forth in fear.
"Baby, what's wrong—"
"P-please don't take me back," she whimpered.

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