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—Jane above—

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Jane above—

   Sapphire shivered as Jane gently pulled her through her office door.

   She watched as Jane leaned over to pick her up

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   She watched as Jane leaned over to pick her up.
She couldn't help but back away, frightened by what she could do to her. Sapphire had always been afraid of doctors, and judging by her office, Jane was in fact a doctor.
"It's okay love, I'm here to help you." Spoke Jane, a warm smile dancing across her pale-ish face.
Sapphire cringed as her bottom cane in contact with the soft mattress of the bed. Due to her bottom getting gripped harshly bad that horrible man, anything that touch her bum stung.
By now all she wanted was for Alejandro to come back and hold her frail body in his strong arms. But he told her that he had to handle a few things before he could come back and discuss a few things with her. But she really didn't want to discuss anything, she just wanted to sleep.
She just wanted everything to end.

Hours passed before Alejandro came through Jane's office door. By now, Sapphire was all bandaged up and most up her pain had subsided. But sadly her scars—of course —still remained.
Sapphire squealed loudly as Alejandro made his way closer.
"Why so happy, baby?"
His question made her think.
Why was she so happy do see him? She had only just met him hours ago. For all she knew, he could be just like him.
After being taken away from her family, she trusted no one. She never understood why so many people had been dying around her, and when she asked her papa, he simply said that it was bad people doing bad things.
She never questioned it until the night she was taken away. The men that had taken her had isolated her and refused to feed her like a proper human.
The place she had been in was so horrid and disturbing. All she wanted was to see her mother.
She had been there for months until the attack. She was very lucky to survive. And she took the opportunity to find her family. She had been on the streets for weeks, not once had she seen a living thing walking around.
The air around her was heavily polluted, and everything seemed so creepy.
She had no clue that Vampires had taken over half of the Earth, she was to oblivious to realize it.
She was very lucky to be found by Alejandro—her mate. If she didn't get away from that man when she did, she probably would have been raped. Or even murdered.
There was no telling what that man was capable of, he was like ten times her size, and his huge hand could probably wrap around her thin neck three times.
She was brought away from her thoughts as Alejandro snapped his pale fingers in front of her dazed face. "You didn't answer my question, baby."
Jane couldn't help but smile from the corner of the room. Never had she seen Alejandro so happy. He was lucky to have a mate, unlike her.

I hope you enjoyed. I'm sorry for not updating, I've been really busy lately with school and all. But I'll try to update more.

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