#2 My Angel

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8 years

The skies grow dark as hell descends,
Tears are shed,
But the agony in my heart,
Knows no rest.
I fight a never ending battle.
I know not what I am searching for.
But I will not rest.
Everything is a blur around me.

Suddenly a bright light,
So unique caught my eyes.
Time seemed to slow down,
As I ventured towards it.
The instant my skin touched the light,
I fell into a trance.

I felt myself fly away.
I opened my eyes and felt at bliss.
I was at a place unknown,
To my memories.
There I saw a girl around my age.
Her skin, pale as snow.
Her eyes, piercing black.
Filled with warmth.
And jet black hair, dancing in the breeze.

She came to comfort me.
Held me in her arms,
As my tears fell,
As I told her my haunting past.

I felt safe in her arms.
She told me to dry my eyes,
And to not worry.
At that moment I knew.
I was searching for her.
She looked upon me,
With her angelic face,
And smiled.

I dozed away,
Knowing that I will never break,
With her by my side,
With my angel.


A brief background about inspiration to write this. First of all, this is a bit too exaggerated. This was written as a gift for my friend who accepted me for who I was and came to me, when I was the one who usually approaches others to make friends. It's not that deep though. It was in the spur of the moment. Ah, the times.

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