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The sun was shining brightly and it was a great day for Group. The metal foldable chairs are arranged in a huge circle.

When you arrived in the Group session, many people are already there. "Hey there Crystal." you greeted your new found friend and took a seat next to her.

"I heard you'll be leaving this week." she said. "Yeah, never thought I'd see the day."

"So, lets start?" Ms. Jamie said. "How about you, Y/N. I heard you'll be leaving soon, why won't you start today?"

"Well, I learned a whole lot in this place." you started. "When I refused electroshock therapy, I decided to have group therapy since I want to see that I'm not alone."

"When I lost someone I dearly love, I didn't know what to do anymore. I was lost and confused."

"I was lucky to get help for my anorexia but during that process, I became bulimic. When they found out, I was force fed through a tube. It was so weird walking around with that on your nose." you laughed at the thought of it.

"Isn't it nice that we are just laughing at the things that we struggle from before." Ms. Jamie said.

You smiled and looked down at your shirt that says, 'Northern downpour sends its love.'

"I fell in love with my teacher. We both had a relationship and I thought he loved me as much as I do but, once he was tired of me, of all my bullshit, he fucking left me and flew out of the state." you clenched your fist and tried to push away the tears.

"He was very important to me. But I wasn't for him. He was actually a pro hero that I idolized when I was younger." you smiled, looking at the ceiling.

"We should have lasted."

"I wanted to be a pro hero, too. I have always dreamt of being one. But, I can't do that anymore. They'll see me as a freak and they won't believe in me. Despite that being my one goal." you pulled your sleeve down to hide the scars that are peaking out. "I'm planning to go back to school and the principal is nice enough to let me accelerate cause he thinks I can keep up. But,"

"I just don't think I'm ready to leave." you shrugged and rested your head on your hands.

"I made friends and memories and I have so much to loose." you smiled bitterly, your eyes clouding with tears.

"You don't have to loose us." Crystal said.

"You could always visit." Ms. Jamie said.

"Besides, they're planning to discharge me soon. We could be close to each other." she smiled at you.

All you could do was smile back at her ans the others in the room. And that was more than enough. No words, just emotions. And it feels nice to let it all flow.

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