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You woke up earlier than usual. It's perhaps because of the loud dog barking at nothing every 4 or 5 in the morning. There's nothing wrong with dogs. They're cute and all that but sometimes you prefer sleep more.

Grabbing a few slices of bread, you decided on the things you will do today. You've been planning to enroll at an online school while doing work so that you can somehow manage your time. You only had one day off every week and considering you're first in and last out every time, you already feel tired.

You took a bath and you felt the cold water trickling down your skin. You got used to it after a while because you'd have to pay extra to get warm water. You grabbed the soap and washed your body. You're stilk bot used to feeling the ladder-y feeling of the scars in your arms, stomach and thighs, and you yourself is afraid to look at them. What more would other people feel?

You sighed and just let the water wash out the remaining soap from your body. You grabbed a towel and dried yourself. You put on a blue long sleeved shirt and high waisted jeans you found at the bottom of your luggage (yes, you have yet to place them in the closet properly). You looked at yourself in the mirror on the wall and examined yourself. There weren't many mirrors in the institution and there is also supervised visits in the bathrooms with a mirror so you weren't able to take in what you look like now. You're glad that those jeans fit you now, unlike before, when you tried them on, they hang just by your hipbones.

You have a few minutes before the time you have to clock in the flowershop, but you wanted to walk around a bit more and grab a bottle of water on the way there.

It's still a little dark and the streets are quiet. Very few stores have opened. You like this place. Perhaps the calmness is what you needed.

Things were uneventful as the day goes by quickly, or so you thought. You have opened the shop and waited for the mysterious customer to come. You stared into the glass door and hummed quietly. Things have been going great so far. Truly, you were still getting used to living this way but, it seems somehow comforting. You smiled to yourself and thought that if things didn't go as bad as they did, you probably wouldn't have the peace of mind you finally have now.

You still wanted to be a hero. But, things have changed and your goals did, too. But despite that drastic change, you were willing enough to make things work.

The wind chimes rang when the door moved. The sound brought you back to reality. The mysterious man has arrived and he was looking around. He still wears a mask and sunglasses on so you weren't able to make out what he looks like.

"Good morning," you said with a smile. He just nodded in acknowledgement. "Red carnation," he muttered.

"Alright, I'll be back in a bit," you told him. You looked around the garden in the back and searched for the prettiest flower you could find. You immediately went back to the desk and prepared the flower to give it to him.

The man still gives off a mysterious but homey type of vibe to you. It's like you've known him before but you could not pinpoint why you feel that way. You shrugged it off thinking that maybe you just felt comfortable around him like you do with many people.

But when you look at him he seems rather hesitant.

You smiled at him and he just paid and left. "Thank you, please come again," you told him.

He silently exited the building and you frowned when he was already out of your sight.

He was a mystery that you were very intugued to solve but then again, you didn't want to meddle with things because one time when you tried to handle the situation by yourself things went haywire.

He also reminds you so much of a person you tried to bury in your past. Just like the mysterious customer, you know nothing about him. Maybe that's why things didn't work out.

But that's in the past now. Besides, he already left and won't probably come back. What's important now is that you are okay, you have a stable job, and a somehow decent place.

And you're determined to make things work.


Your shift ended a few hours ago and you're sitting on your bed, writing the things to do in your notebook. The dog is quiet at this time of the hour and you decided to walk around for a bit.

It's quite late but you remembered that when you were walking home yesterday, there was a library that is open until midnight so you decided to go there.

You grabbed your bag that has most of your important belongings and headed out. You locked the door on your way out.

The walk towards the library is peaceful. There were very few people walking around and most of them were coming home from work. A group of students walked past you, happily giggling about whatever.

You felt a pang of jealousy.

You miss your friends but have no way of contacting them. Letting out a sigh, you grabbed on the straps if your bag and walked towards the library. You noticed it a few blocks away and it's still open. You smiled to yourself and thought that this could be a great opportunity to study again.

You walked along the sidewalk with a couple of benches and streetlights illuminating the path. You noticed the mysterious customer smoking in one of the benches. He didn't seem to notice you. He has his hood up and it casted a shadow in his features, making you unable to see his face properly.

You also took note to get yourself prescription glasses soon.

Silently walking past him, you walked towards the library, putting the strange man in the back of your head.

To be Continued...
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