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"You know what to do already?" Melissa asked. "Yep." you answered her with a smile. Today is your first day and Melissa just finished with the rundown of everything you are supposed to do.

First, water the plants before opening, remove any weed growing, clean the place, make sure it's presentable, and open at exactly 7:00 in the morning. Seems easy, right? But she has a huge back yard filled with plants EVERYWHERE.

Last night, you studied and remembered the names of most of the flowers, plants and trees in this place. Looking for them would be the only challenge.

"This place is pretty known. I receive orders to deliver mass production of these babies," she said as she arranged the pots of aloe Vera in a straight line. "If we can't supply the number of what they order we redirect them to my producer." she said as she passed you a calling card. "And if a costumer calls and asks for delivery, just ring this bell," she handed you a silver bell and slid it across the counter. "Write up the order and address and my son will come fetch the order."

"Oh, and the stock of plants are in that notebook," she pointed at the blue record book. "Write every order there and make sure to write the date and time today. Goodluck on your first day, I'll be leaving and there's a CCTV camera somewhere here if you try to steal anything." she warned, a playful smirk on her wrinkled face, "though, I doubt that since you seem like a good person." she laughed and closed the door to her shop. She turned around and peeked through the door, the wind chimes making a sound. "I have a regular here. He's like a shaggy man with a mask. Mid thirties, I guess. He comes in ten to fifteen minutes after opening. Always buys a single flower." she reminds, closing the door and disappearing at the corner.


3 more minutes before opening. You decided to fix the counter. Time passes quickly and it is already time to open the shop. Turning the signage to open, you made your way to the back of the counter and took a seat.

Minutes passed, you heard the ringing of the wind chimes signalling that someone entered.

"Good Morning, welcome to (whatever you want the shop to be called)!" you greeted.

The customer has long black hair, and is wearing black clothes. He has a mask and glasses on. He paused when he looked at you. "Oh, I'm new here. My boss just left a couple of minutes ago." you hesitantly said.

He neared the counter slowly, feeling his gaze on your face. He has a comforting aura to him and he seems very familiar. However the familiarity to you seems almist foreign. "How can I help you today, sir?" you asked with a smile. You thought to yourself that he may be the regular costumer Melissa is talking about.

"Red Carnation." he said after thinking, his gruff voice sounded tired. "The prices are placed there," you pointed at the board behind you, slightly moving aside for the mysterious stranger to see.

"I'll go get the flower for a second." you said, stepping out of the counter. You racked your brain to remember where the carnations are and remembered that they were at the backyard. "Please follow me." you said.

He followed suit to the back. "Carnations are pretty flowers. They are one of my favorites, to be honest." you said, trying to start a conversation. "Hmm." he hummed in response. "Different colors of carnations have different meanings. Red carnations signify longing for someone. Like saying that your heart aches for a specific person." you explained to him while cutting the stalk of the flower he chose and placing it in those small containers with water.

Once the both of you are back in the shop, he gave you the money which you placed inside a cabinet with a lock behind the counter. You gave him the flower and wrote down his order in the records book and bid him a good day.

Almost right after the strange man came out, Melissa rounded up the opposite corner where the man disappeared. She has four bags of fertilizer in two bags. You rushed to help her put the bags in the corner. "I see you met my regular here." she smiled.

"He seems... mysterious. For a lack of a better word." you told her. "Never said a single word to me. Sometimes just hums in response. He seems like a sad guy." she supplied. "What did he get?" she asked, peeking at the records book. "Oh, a red carnation. Always a single flower." she said shaking her head.

"I'll be at the back, alright. Call me if you need me.


For the whole day, you received multiple delivery calls, a few bouquet orders and the like. An eventful day to say the least. The mysterious man keeps on pushing it's way out of the back of your mind but you had to keep your focus on the job since Melissa is checking on you every so often. It's already closing and you're clearing up the counter and placing them on a locked closet below. You flipped the sign on the door so that it shows that it is closed. You grabbed the chains and the lock Melissa gave you before she went home around five and went outside. You wrapped the chain on the handles of the glass door and locked it with the key she gave you earlier.

You decided to walk around for a bit before heading home. You came across a grocery store and decided to stock up on food and other necessities, just in case. You checked your wallet and counted the money, repeating the total again and again in your head so that you would know how much you need to spend.

You grabbed a red shopping basket and went on your way. You took a couple of instant ramen noodles, a loaf of bread and a jar of cheese spread. You also grabbed toiletries and sanitary products that you believe could last for a month.

You also grabbed a pen and a notebook. A particular object took your attention. A small white cutter is placed beside the pad papers and is tempting you to take one. You know what you will use it for and you know that it's wrong. Also, it is very much against what your therapist told you before you left. However, you grabbed one and placed it in the bottom of the things in your basket and went to pay for everything.

You gave the cashier the exact amount of your total. You grabbed the paper bag and headed home.

You reached the door to your place and turned the knob to find out it was unlocked. You know you locked it before you left.

"Oh, sorry for just barging in and not texting you. There's no signal here." Yagi said, standing up. "I got you take-out and a few other things you might need."

You looked around and saw that he bought you a kettle, a stove, pillows and a blanket. "You shouldn't have. I could have gotten those later."

"Sit down and let's eat. And don't think you're bothering me by asking for help." he said, pulling a chair by the table for you to sit down. "Thanks." you smiled.

"So, how's your first day at work?"

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