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Just to let y'all know I photo shopped these images together so please tell me which one ya like better I worked really hard on themPublished 9/29/18

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Just to let y'all know I photo shopped these images together so please tell me which one ya like better I worked really hard on them
Published 9/29/18

I was shocked by what the ork had said along with disgusted. I quickly grabbed an arrow from my quiver and lodged it into the orks head killing it. I soon ran off trying to find the dwarf and killing any orks that got in my way. I heard a loud thud and saw legolas get thrown into a wall with a larger ork about to kill him. My eyes widen in shock and without even thinking I push myself into a sprint getting in front of legolas. My eyes widen at the pain I feel in my chest.  I had just watched the ork jab its long sword into my chest. I fell to the ground with a loud thud. The ork soon ran off leaving me and legolas. I was laying in my back. Legolas's face soon came into my view. Blood was running from his nose, his eyes were wide in shock so many emotions were running in his eyes. He reached for the sword but I stopped him. I gave him a sad, gentle smile. "Its no use I made my choice" I whispered and coughed up blood. "Why....why would you save me" he whispered on his knees. Starring at me. I gently lifted my hand and reached for his. He grabbed my hand gently holding it to his still beating heart. "People do crazy things when their in love" I smiled at him. His eyes widen even more but before he could do anything I reached up with what strength I had left pushing my arms around his neck. Pulling his lips to mine, my eyes closed while his were open in shock for a moment but soon closed after. I was giving him back his memories of us, for they were no longer mine to keep. As I slowly pull away and look into his eyes, he opens them and looks at me in shock. Tears gather in his eyes as his fists clench. "Why....why" he whispered sounding like he was about to break. "I'm sorry legolas, I truly am. But I do love you with all my heart" I smiled once again and reached up and grabbed the green stone around his neck my heart. "This is my heart, I gave to you Long ago, Yet you still hold onto it, you never broke it or throw it away" I spoke slowly my eyes slowly starting to close. " Artemis, don't you dare leave me, don't you dare close your eyes" he yelled grabbing my face. "Don't you dare leave me" he cried out holding me to his chest, tears now rolling down his face. "I could never leave you love" I whispered as my eyes shut..

3rd person

Legolas felt Artemis go limp in his arms he had just remembered who she was and now she was gone. The love he had for her when he was young and the love for he had gained for her in the short time he had known her with out his memories hurting his heart. He looked down at her face as tear drops fell onto her cheeks. He leaned down pressing his lips to hers. Then pulling away "please don't leave me....i love You" after a moment his sadness turned to anger for the one who had killed Artemis. He gently layed Artemis down on the ground pecking her lips and forehead one last time. He was Saying goodbye. He stood up grabbing a horse to chase after the ork. Furry raging in his heart. That ork would die by his blade. Even if it was the last thing he did.

Author note is she. Really dead? Is this the last time we will hear of Artemis the last mermaid and her love story with her Prince legolas?

Comment on what you think is she dead or is she alive. And what will happen in the future, comment on who should live and who should die for the next chapters because soon a battle of the five Army's will bgin

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