Aria: Fiore Vivace

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A/N Look at how thiccc Ashton's legs are. They wrap around Calum's waist when he's restraining his princess :3

tw: daddy kinkery, d/s undertone, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, Ashton being a romantic bitch

Ashton tilts his head to the side when he hears a noise. He knows that it's his boyfriend of long time when he feels a familiar warmth atop his head.

"Hi, princess," he grins, setting the piece down and pecks Calum on his lips. "I was writing a piece for Luke."

"And I was in the mood to suck your dick," Calum counters.

"You gotta come up with a choreo," Ashton reminds the half-Kiwi.

"Yeah, after you're done writing the piece," Calum rolls his eyes fondly. He effortlessly throws the not-even-started paper away from Ashton's working desk. "We can... try to motivate you, daddy."

Ashton gulps.

The thing is, as long as Ashton can remember, he's been triple D—demiromantic, demisexual, demigender—and sex has been... not easy for him. He just has yet to find the one.


"I know, daddy," Calum presses his lips to Ashton's. "Don't wanna rush it either."

"We've been together longer than Luke and Michael have been public," Ashton reminds his boyfriend. "You have a high sex drive, Cally, I don't want you to be suffering."

Ashton doesn't fight it when Calum shuffles down until his beauteous face is level with his straining cock, both parties grunting low. Wordlessly and effortlessly, Calum undoes the strings of Ashton's yoga pants and starts tasting the precum pooling at the slit.

"Fuck, princess..." Ashton grouses, unable to say anything else. Calum moans around his mouthful, waiting for Ashton's further instructions; he's given none.

Ashton grips onto Calum's growing curls and starts snapping his hips upward, pleased by the choking noises his boyfriend produces. He slips out just before he reaches his high and rams Calum's back against the nearest flat surface—a wall.

"Ooh," Calum giggles, grunting low in pain when Ashton spanks his glorious ass. "Ngh, daddy, I can't wait..."

"Shh..." Ashton purrs, grabbing the lube and lubricating his fingers before he slips them inside Calum's hole. "I won't disappoint you, my princess..."

"I—fuck," Calum almost slides down the wall once Ashton's fingers are lodges deep inside his tightness, locating the prostate so expertly. Ashton spreads his fingers, curls them, and jams them into his boyfriend's sweet spot until Calum comes with a shout of 'daddy!'

"Fuck..." Calum mewls, still shaking from the aftershocks. "Daddy..."

"I'm not done yet," Ashton promises, sheathing himself with a condom and drizzling more lube on himself. "Fuck, you turn me on way too much for me to ignore you."

"Mm, that's the whole point..." Calum replies snidely.

Ashton grunts low once he's sheathed by Calum's tightness, enjoying the feeling. If this is what he can feel—whole and fiercely protective of his princess—every time they make love, he wants to do this as oft as possible. He tightens his grip on Calum's hips and starts swaying his hips forth and back, a loud, broken, beautiful, blissful moan spilling from Calum's plump, kiss-bitten lips. That only spurs him on, creating a rhythm only they get to hear until the only thing Ashton can hear is the presto of their skins gliding against one another. This is the music he's been needing, he realises as Calum mewls, a signal that his boyfriend is close, and he reattaches their fervent lips back together, kissing in a frenzied heat until they're both spent.

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