Chapter 10 ~ Um

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Percy's P.O.V

I started slashing my sword at the webs the spider guy was throwing at me. I started to get closer to him until he was on the ground and I had Riptide aimed at this chest.

     "Who are you?" I ask him

He says nothing

     "WHO ARE YOU?" I repeat as I reached for his mask.

Before I could rip it off I heard an ear piercing scream. I spun around to see the redhead with a knife to Leo's neck.

     "Take off his mask, we hurt your friend,"  I saw Iron Man come from behind redhead.

     "Let him go," I said looking at Leo. I was trying to signal him to use fire to get away.

     "Let him go first," Iron Man replied "Or we can keep your friend here as a test subject"

     "NOOO!" Leo started crying "WHY ME?" He covered his face with his hands and started sobbing. 

All of The Avenger turned around to face Leo. They all looked surprised. Even I was surprised. I was about to let Spidey go when Leo moved one of his fingers to look at me. It was subtle so no one else noticed.

He was lying.

He wasn't actually crying. Then I understood everything. I looked at Annabeth. Even though she couldn't nod her head, I knew that she remembered too. It's a couple thing... I think. Anyway, Leo was distracting them while I took the mask off whoever this was. I fast as I could I turned my head to face Spidey and ripped his mask off. I heard people running so I flipped my head back to see  redhead drop Leo to the ground and start running to me Iron Man and all the other Avengers.(not including Thor who was lying on the floor knocked out. American man got annoyed by his whining) Before they could hurt me I turned back to Spidey.



Can I just drop out of school?

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