Chapter 12

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Well, today's the day. The day where The Avengers announce their new member to the team. The day where I'll get my new suit. The day where my whole life changed.

I was driving to Stark Industries. As I was pulling up I saw there was a couple of news vans. I was going to stop in my usual parking space when I saw a giant van with the words ' CHANNEL 5' sprawled across blocking my way. I honked the horn a couple of times trying to get the van to move. All of a sudden the person inside open their window and stuck there head out. The guy looked about to be in his late thirties. He had bushy eyebrows and a half bald head. I guess he's trying to hang on to whatever hair he has left. He looked around angrily and when he finally met my eyes he smiled and gave me the finger before closing the window and driving off.

  "How rude" I muttered to myself as I continued to park in the empty space.


I glanced at my watch trying not to get worried. I was supposed to meet Annabeth outside of Stark Industries. I looked around and finally, let out a breath of relief when I saw Piper's car pulling up.

"There you are!" I screamed as she stepped out of the car "I thought you wouldn't show"

"Of course she would come kelp head, she too in love with you not to" I turned to see Thalia coming out of the car along with Annabeth and Hazel. 

"Wassup dude," Frank said as he climbed ou to the front seat. "Jason couldn't make it, he had some errands to run" 

They all started laughing. What?

"What, why is it funny? WHAT'S FUNNY GUYS?" I acclaimed as I ran to catch up to them


We walked in the building Thalia still giggling-

"Excuse sir may I help you?"

I turned around to see a girl who was an intern with me. Melissa? Was that her name?

" Oh we were here for the press conference" Annabeth stated

"Sorry we can't allow you inside," Melissa said in a disgusted voice "We can only allow... important people" 

Hazel was about to say something when I heard someone from behind me.

"Percy, what are you doing here, I have been looking for you everywhere?" I turned to see Tony standing there in a black suit with a red tie and red aviators.

"Sorry sir I will get them out right away," Melissa said

 " No no no. He's our special guest" he said

He guided us away leaving a surprised and embarrassed Melissa behind us.


"Mr. Stark Mr. Stark over here"


"Mr. Stark is their a new threat in town?"

"When are we going to get the new scoop of you and Ms. Pepper Potts?"

There were bright flashes as we walked in the room. Mr. Stark led us to a little table we could sit behind.  


"We would like to introduce to you Nereus. Your new superhero"

All I remember after that is a bunch of flashing lights, people screaming out my new superhero name. Annabeth had picked it out for me. She said something about water and greek. I can't remember. 


"This is your suit"


"Yeah, I know. Try it on"

I put on the black and blue suit. The gold belt started beeping.

"What's happening"

"Press it"

"The belt?"

"Yes, press it"

I pressed the belt and the beeping stopped.

"Hello" a voice came from the belt
 "Hello?" I said back

" I am your very special A. I.," it said again "What would you like to name me"

I thought about it for a while when I finally said

"Bob. Your name will be Bob"


3 months later


" Yes Percy"


All of a sudden I felt the wings come out from the back of my suit.

" HAHA SUCKERS" I yelled to the robbers chasing me. I had grabbed the money they stole but couldn't get them in time.

I flew all the way back to Stark Industries where I saw Tony waiting for me.

" 5. 6 minutes"

" I'm getting better"

"Not by a lot" he said as he rolled his eyes "Go home. Get your rest"

"Why" I whine "Let's just do it one last time"

"No go home," he said as he walked away. He stopped for a moment an turned his head slightly

"Heros need their rest"


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