| Chapter One |

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"You have to be kidding me." I leaped from my bed, my eyes on the digital bedside clock that blinked eight-forty six.

It happened again! I'm supposed to be at work by nine.

I stumbled into the bathroom before reaching for my body wash and wash sponge before I turned the faucets of my bath tube. I stepped in, ignoring the brisk temperate of the shower before it regulated.

I was in too much of a rush to care.

Once done in the shower, I ran back into my room with my towel wrapped around my body. Cool air attacked my body; a shivering wave of air that touched me as I made my way to the closet. I pulled out a knee-length grey pencil skirt and a clean white blouse and tossed it onto my bed.

No time to sit and mix and match my underwear, I quickly put on the first thing I could grab. Boy shorts and a bra followed by my pulled clothing.

I took a quick moment to analyze myself. What I saw did not please me at all. What I saw was a brownish-caramel skin tone that looked as if it had been drained of life. I saw wild curly hair that looked completely unmanageable and eyes that warned others of a sleepless night.

"Fuck it."

That was the only thing that could sum up what I felt at this point. What else could I do? I did not have time for the makeup touch up or flat iron treatment. What I needed was to get my ass out of this place and quickly.

I knotted my hair into a bun before I picked up my shoes, purse, and files and I exited my second floor apartment.

"Good morning Ms. Walters?" The concierge woman greeted me just as she usually does.

"Hi, Hi." I was lacking the time to mingle and she knew me well enough to understand completely. She shouted a few assuring words as I flew past her desk and out of the door and into the residential parking lot.

It was safe to say that my decision of not putting on my shoes earlier was a mistake.

"Shit." I whined as dirt and gravel attacked my bare feet. Sadly, I was running out of time and stopping to put on my shoes was impossible. Almost there.

I opened the door to my car, tossed my things in, and jumped in the driver side. I turned the key to the ignition, only to hear the agonizing cough that came out of the exhaust.

"No." I turned the key repeatedly until it finally coughed up the energy to start. "OH GOD YESSS!"

I sped out of the parking lot and onto the highway. Swerving pass cars, avoiding foreseen traffic, I exited the highway that led to my office building.


I was so close now, only a few minutes late but yet I could still do it. I can do this. I was so close. I can practically smell the donuts to the coffee shop that was right across the street from my job.

My fingers clenched around the steering wheel as my foot squeezed down on to the pedal. I could feel my car speeding up, the metal just making each light as I crossed the intersection. I'm so close.

Hopes were so high...that was until I looked into my rearview mirror. Red, white, and blue lights lit up.

"No." I sulked.

I pulled over slowly, ignoring the stupid little demon that hovered over my shoulder, pressuring me to hit the gas and escape. That would just have me jobless, in jail, and make me some girl's 'little friend' in a cell.

I cut the engine and placed my hand on to the steering wheel, watching from my mirror as he exited his vehicle. He placed his hat onto his head, hiding the smooth hairless head of his. He approached my window. It took all of the muscles in my face to create the pathetic smile that I had created.

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