Chapter 1

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"I promise, I will get them to believe that you belong to me," the shadowy figure whispered his back turned to Beau as he began to walk away. Beau tried to chase after him, but the boy disappeared in the fog that had suddenly appeared, morphing the boy's shape into something bigger before he disappeared completely.

Beau sat straight up in bed and forced his eyes open, tears streaming down his cheeks and the vague sound of the alarm clock echoing in the background. Beau tried to calm his breathing as he quickly wiped the tears off his face before reaching over to turn off the alarm clock.

He sat there for a moment in silence and got his bearings. He was still in his small room in his apartment that he shared with Kyle that was within walking distance to the high school. Nothing that was around him was comforting him in the least, there was a longing ache in his chest as he stared out the window at the rising sun.

That same damned haunting dream that had bothered him for the last five years was back. That dream always left him feeling empty, sad, and alone, but today's dream felt so much worse than it usually did. It felt far too real, and Beau wasn't too sure what he was supposed to do now, especially with how he was feeling. He just knew that he had to get moving or he would be stuck in bed all day feeling like shit. He forced himself up and out of the bed and stumbled out of his room and towards the bathroom.

Beau stripped out of his boxers and turned on the water in the tiny box shower. The bathroom was tiny but livable considering that there was only two guys that lived in the apartment. It was in need of some repairs and cosmetic changes, however, Beau was not about to complain about getting out of that boy's home and away from Ms. Kay. Ever since the accident he had always felt more wary of her, for reasons that he couldn't really remember or understand. She just seemed to get so controlling and demanding that he just couldn't take it any more and walked out.

Beau was homeless for a little over a month, getting a small job at a fast food joint to try to save up some money. That was before Kyle found him at his work and offered to help him get a place that was close to the school and affordable. Kyle and Beau had gotten closer before Kyle had graduated out of the boys home when he turned 18, so Beau wasn't uncomfortable about accepting Kyle's help. In fact, Beau was very happy about sharing a place with someone that he knew and trusted.

Getting into the shower, Beau tries to relax as he feels the heat of the water pound against his back the feeling from the dream still lingering in his body. Eventually Beau gave up trying to get rid of the ache in his chest and washed up before getting out of the shower. It was just a weird dream, it was probably just brought on by the stress of the up coming first term exams. Beau had been studying almost nonstop for these exams knowing that he needed to do really well in order to be able to get scholarships to med school.

Beau dried himself off and, with a towel wrapped around his waist, walked back to his room to change into some clothes for school. He pulled on some boxers, a pair of jeans, and a pair of socks. His hands lingering over the scars on his chest that were from the accident before he threw on a long sleeved shirt. The scars looked angry that marred patches of Beau's body, which was why he hadn't really found a boyfriend since they always seemed to be scared off by his scars. Being a scarred up orphan albino he had over heard other people making comments that he was a delinquent or a masochist. The comments were fairly easy to ignore but his girlfriends had a habit of getting very aggressive with people who talked bad about Beau.

Beau left his room and walked down the small hallway to the kitchen, where he his mouth started to water as he smelled something delicious being cooked in the kitchen. When he entered the kitchen he saw Kyle at the stove frying up some scrambled eggs and some super crispy bacon. Kyle turned his head when he heard Beau enter the room, smiling for a moment before he registered Beau's facial expression.

"Did you have a nightmare again?" Kyle asked as he returned his attention to finishing up the breakfast that was still cooking on the stove. He glanced back over his shoulder when he didn't hear a response from Beau. Beau glanced up from the table and nodded slowly before resuming to stare at the table.

"It felt so much more real this time," Beau commented as he traced his finger over a couple of scratches that were in the used table. "Like I had really lost someone that was important to me."

Kyle froze as he finally heard what Beau was having nightmares about. He had been quiet about his dreams since he knew that Kyle wasn't sure how to take what he was telling him, but he felt like it needed to be said this time. Kyle turned around with the breakfast on a couple plates, with a forced half smile on his face.

"It was probably just a stress nightmare, you have gone through a lot in the past couple of months," Kyle replied hoping that the subject would be dropped, knowing exactly what Beau was talking about. He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able to hide what he knew from Beau before he would have to come clean.

"Yeah, maybe," Beau said not really buying it. He thanked Kyle for the breakfast before he grabbed some eggs and a couple pieces of bacon and put them onto his plate. He munched on them absently, not really tasting anything since he didn't really have an appetite. Kyle nervously glanced around the room until he spotted the clock on the wall.

"Oh shit it's already this late?" Kyle said as he quickly finished eating his breakfast and put the dishes in the sink. "I'll see you after work tonight, bye!"

With that Kyle left the apartment with his jacket slung over one arm and his keys in his left hand. Beau had no idea what Kyle did for a living but felt it would be rude to ask since Kyle was letting him stay there. Beau finished eating his breakfast alone in the silence of the apartment. It was times like these that Beau felt the most alone, like he didn't really have anyone to turn to when he really needed them. There were times where Beau wanted to find a boyfriend just to have someone that he could talk to anything about, but then thought better of it since school was much more important.

Beau grabbed his dishes and put them in the sink, washing both his and Kyle's dishes and putting them on the drying rack. He grabbed his school bag from next to the door and the keys from the hook next to his school bag as he walked out the door to head to the school. The sky was dark and cloudy, and the wind was bitter as it cut through Beau's thin spring jacket. Beau sighed and trudged along the sidewalk as he walked the 15 minute route to the school.

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