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"...It looks like we have an uninvited guest"

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Welcome to "Down the rabbit hole", get ready for a wild ride.

Most authors put some copyright stuff here but nobody's going to want to steal this trash lmao-

Just don't copy my works please :,) if you do I'll find where you live and I'll give you a big smack >:((((


Mentions of suicide/self harm

Underage drinking



Mentions of abuse

Sexual assault? (well...almost? It doesn't actually happen...well, you'll see oof)

Death lol

Chapters that include any of the subjects above will be marked with an asterisk (*)

If you would like to know what happens in those chapters but you aren't comfortable with one of those topics just send me a message, and I'll fill you in.

But, I would really recommend reading those chapters, because I feel like the stories are more boring when explained to you rather than you just reading them yourself.

I was going to put photos of what I imagined the characters looking like here along with all of their names, but then I found out that all of the pictures I found were of actors and actresses. Even though I haven't heard of any of them in my life, one of my readers might.

If you'd really like a character introduction despite the photos being of semi-famous people, just let me know and I'll add it in!

I'll start working on the first chapter pretty soon, so expect this story to start in the near future ;)

While you're waiting, please share this story so it can get some attention, it would mean the world to me!

Signing off,


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