Red Book

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Red Book is a paranormal game from Mexico where you use a book to contact a spirit who will answer questions and divine the future. It is also known as "El juego del libro rojo" or "The game of red book".

To play the game, you need a hardcover red book without pictures and at least one red candle to light the room. The game can only be played with 2 or more people.

Step 1: Place the palm of your hand on the cover of the book, close your eyes and say aloud, "Red Book, can I enter your game?"

Step 2: Keeping your eyes closed, open the book to a random page and point to a sentance. That should be the answer to your question. You will have to interpret it.

Step 3: If the answer is positive, you can play the game. If the answer is negative or does not make sense, the question may have been poorly worded or contact with the spirit was not established. In this case, you need to try again.

Step 4: Everyone can take turns asking questions and the spirit will answer them through the book.

Step 5: To end the game, you should ask, "Red Book, can I leave your game?" You cannot end the game until all players have permission to leave.

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