Picture Game

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Play at your own risk.
To play the Picture Game, you need at least 2 people. The more the merrier.
You will need a long string or rope, a small mirror for each player, a camera with a flash, a glass, and scissors or a knife.

Step 1: Make a circle with the string or rope and tie a knot in it. Place it in the center of the room. Fill the glass with a little alcohol and place it in the center of the circle.
Step 2: Have each person sit around the circle, holding their mirrors in front of them and facing the ceiling.
Step 3: Turn off the lights. Have everyone close their eyes and hold hands. Each person says, one after the other, "I trust you."
Step 4: Have everyone say in unison, "The door is open. Please come in." Everyone can now open their eyes. Whatever wants to come in has now entered.
Step 5: Pass the camera around the circle. When each person gets the camera, say out loud, "I caught you," and take a picture pointing forward with the flash on. Do not look at the preview of the image. Pass the camera around the circle three times.
Step 6: To end the game, have everyone close their eyes and say three times in unison, "It is time to go home." Then everyone turns their mirror face down. Turn on the lights and cut the rope so the circle is open. Take the alcohol outside and pour it in the dirt. You may now review your photos.

1. Do not step into the circle at any time during the game.
2. If anyone starts crying or feels sick, do not let them partake in taking pictures.
3. If anyone is acting strange or not like themselves, end the game immediately.
4. If anyone says outloud that they are scared or afraid, end the game immediately or it will take advantage of the weak person.

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