PART I | Beggining of an Adventure

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    ❝It was told a girl would be reborn from the ashes of the castle that once ruled the world

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    ❝It was told a girl would be reborn from the ashes of the castle that once ruled the world. It was nothing but a legend, but she was a Young God.❞

   And as she was cascading down to the swimming pool, water filled her fragile lungs, as her eyes lit up like a raging fire. Her heart was plagued with thoughts of only him, Damian Wayne.

They stumbled together through the universe and it's trials, they ran through everything as if it was nothing but a slice of cake. The universe only seemed to bring the two closer together. . .

But that's when he did it.

He woke the devil in her.


       That's when the pool had seemed to grown darker as if it was dark, gloomy clouds. Ice-cold, bony hands of all sizes grabbed at her legs, pulling her deeper and deeper as if it was the ocean. She didn't do anything but get consumed by the thoughts of Damian Wayne. She only seemed to be drowning with each thought of him: her fragile lungs filled with water, her eyes glued shut in such a peaceful way, her delicate skin slowly growing a ghostly white.

      But that's when she was ever so suddenly pulled back up, the tough grip sending a tingling feeling of electricity throughout her body. Goosebumps rose to her skin with the familiar touch that made her knees go weak.

    She awoke to piercing, blue eyes staring into her {E/C} eyes. Her heart was beating like a drum, a smirk rose to his soft, chapped lips as he cradled her in his arms.

    He slowly lowered her back into water as her feet met with the ice-cold water that slowly made its way up her slender legs. His hands slid down her curves ever so slowly, making her body shake in anticipation. He tugged at her waist as both of their bodies were dangerously touching one another's. Their passionate gaze met one another's as their hearts danced like flames in a wild fire of love. A corrupted whisper gently rang throughout their thoughts, it was a begging passion for the poisonous love they both held.

He thenslowly leaned down to her ear, his warm breath tickling her as he huskily whispered, Beloved, tonight we are Young Gods. So let me treat you like the Goddess you are. . .

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