Guardian Bonus Chapter 2

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Someone used witchcraft in a small city in the southern, brought into SID attention, Chu Shuzhi took Guo Changshi with him went on the busieness trip, they stayed there for almost one month, finally they settled the situation and back to 4th Guangming Rd.

Guo Changcheng was still useless, everyone in the office thought Guo Changcheng and Mi, the new member were so resembling.

Oh, forgot to say, Mi was a one-year-old Samoyed Dog. It was born with a super good appetite and super low IQ. It lost its way, and was sent to the nearest police station. After a month, the police station was nearly out of budget, and the owner was never shown. After a while, it was brought to Zhao Yunlan. He kept Mi at SID, 4th GuangMing Rd. Qing was very happy, he doesn't like to see Lee in the office, he'd rather chasing after a pet.

Mi lived its happily life between being fed, napping anytime anywhere. Before Chu Shuzhi went on the business trip, he spent a month tried very hard to train Mi to do "Sit" and "Hand-shaking". But when he was back to the office, Mi already forgot it all, other than looking at you and being cute, it did nothing.,

From the point that never learn the lesson, Guo Changcheng and Mi must be from the same family 800 years ago.

Luckily Guo Changcheng possessed a weapon.

The Hell was almost ruined in the barrier collapse, the new order was established from ashes by Shen Wei. He wouldn't present very often, he wouldn't manage anything, but doesn't mean the new management could ignore him in any perspective. He was more awfully majestic than before. So collecting some scattered soul and upgraded Guo ChangCheng's baton was so not worthy to mention.

The terror and panic of this weakling chicken would trigger the scattered demons' souls which would burst out from the killing weapon and protected him, this idea alone was so amusing.

Since Chu Shuzhi sat in the office, he was busy the stock market. Guo Changcheng was working the forms for reimbursement. He was going to get signature from Zhao Yunlan, but his office was locked - Zhao Yunlan was not in the office today.

Guo Chang turned to Zhu Hong instead, asking with harmless:"Chief Zhao is not here today?"

Zhu Hong didn't look up, "Officially, he went to inspect our new office, and he's also moving out from his apartment. What the heck, what happened to the Internet today. We better have better internet service in the new office."

Qing was chasing after Mi, the poor large bread dog was chased around by a cat. Qing stopped, "What's the unofficial version?"

Zhu Hong spoke with a weirdly jealousy tone, "He must be having difficulty to leave bed."

Guo Changcheng was somehow shocked, he didn't catch the chair fell down on the floor.

Zhu Hong:"What! Your director is a gay, why so surprised? What the heck with the internet today. Freaking unbelievable. "

Chu Shuzhi:"It is unbelievable lagging."

Lin Jing was playing dead, because he's the one who's lagging the internet by playing a online-game. But not long, his dirty secret was discovered by

Zhu Hong.

As a punishment, Lin Jing lost his internet connection. He deicide to play a video game, Plant vs Zombies.

... ... Then he was smacked by Chu Shuzhi.

Lin Jing buried his head in his hands:"What happened to human rights!"

Chu Shuzhi:"I see you're bored. Guo, let him finish your report."

Guo Changcheng looked at Lin Jing, who's busy with acting with tears and taking selfies of it, "It's okay, I'll finish it."

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