Guardian, 镇魂Zhenhun, Original  Novel - Bonus Chapters 1-4 English Version

Guardian, 镇魂Zhenhun, Original Novel - Bonus Chapters 1-4 English Version

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Tanyavvvvvv By Tanyavvvvvv Updated Aug 11, 2018

Hi there,
I translated the Bonus Chapters of Guardian.
Including the last 3 chapters in the book, and the updated chapter the writer released on 07/30/2018. 
Copy right belong to the original writer- Priest, and the publication - JJWXC.NET. The original Chinese version story could be found here,

Bonus 1-3 are from the book. In the book there are 106 chapters, after 106 there are three chapter were't numbered, but listed as " Bonus 1,2,3", telling some delightful and easy stories. 

Bonus 4, was finished on 2018-07-30, a week after the drama finale. Priest wants to make the whole story better for her fans to sooth the pain, she didn't like the idea of they both died either.

I don't know how many people will see this. I am not the a good interpreter but I tried very hard. Please forgive my imperfect English.

There was no one would help me to do the correcting work, so I had to read back every 2 or 3 days. But still, you will find floss, typos and wrong grammar.

I am on of the Guardian Girls in the Guardian Fandom, I will do everything for Guardian, and Shen Wei & Zhao Yunlan. As a fan from China, I sincerely appreciate your support and your love.

Guardian Girls will never give up.