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ian: mornin' fucks

jaden: we didn't fuck rn

ian: baby no-

joba: good morning beautiful princesses I hope Matt has an awesome day he's so beautiful wow king

matt: stop I'm blushing

ian: 😉

romil: our ship...its rising

jaden: we love two flirtatious kings

nick: shut up I'm trying to meditate

matt: you just mad cuz no one ships you with anyone

nick: they do so

matt: I need receipts

nick: people ship me and Kevin

matt: I said RECEIPTS

nick: and with Ian

matt: ian sweetie i'm so sorry, I'm so sorry that a ugly ass bitch would even say that

nick: ...

matt: oh my god are you fucking insane? Ian? Ian? Ian? You know who you really get shipped with? That one ugly ass perv from shrek I forgot his name



nick: y'all are so fucking annoying and rude I can't believe I still claim y'all as my friends wow I'm not even kidding on god I'm actually gonna leave this shitty band y'all ain't even that talented I'm packing my shit and y'all ain't gonna see me again

ciaran: lmao shut up nick you ain't shit you just gonna walk to your car and come back begging us to let you back in

ian: all fax no printer 😗💅

matt: hope you fall down the stairs

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