820 21 12

ian: where r y'all

ciaran: we fucking left dumbass can't you read

ian: actually no

nick: guys I'm so tired imma take a nap

matt: aww nick I hope you don't wake up ❤️

nick: me too

kevin: j to the o to the j-o-s to the j to the u to the i-c-e that's jojo's juice what what that's jojo's juice what what

romil: wtf

kevin: 💓💖💕💗I love 💗💕💖💓
🌈✨🎀🦄JoJo Siwa 🌈✨🎀

jabari: she look like a egg lmao

romil: Hey everyone it's jojo welcome back to jovos jews evrwy singal wensday evyagaschovosatojaandapourjewsahmahhay


kevin: you going to hell for making fun of a lil ass girl like that

romil: oh yeah cuz it's normal for a 15 year old girl to be 5'9 and still freaks out when she sees unicorns and sparky jackets

kevin: damn u right

nick: lmao

matt: I thot you were going to sleep fat bitch

nick: shut up bitch you don't know my life

matt: we all know each other's lives we LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE

nick: Anyways Gn

matt: it's 2:00 pm

nick: ...anyways

matt: k

ian: k

ciaran: k

jabari: k

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