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nicky the thicky: I'm sorry guys. My feelings just get out of control sometimes. Matt and Ian, I apologize. Y'all probably just think I'm this dumbass that just wants attention. I have nothing else to say so I'll shut up now lmao I'm so fucking annoying k bye

matt loves joba: ur not annoying

nicky the thicky: mhm

matt loves joba: tf did I do to u

nicky the thicky: nothing Jesus Christ you always think someone's onto you

miss ian: chill y'all annoying

nicky the thicky: k

cici: it smells like bitch in here

kpop star: bitch bitch bitch

joba loves matt: KEVIN DOAN CUSSED 😨

nicky the thicky: can we all just be cool and forget this ever happened

matt loves joba: sure ig

miss ian: I don't see why not

bad bitch jaden: ^

joba loves matt: ^^

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