Chapter 5

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Austin's P.O.V

He turned into a wolf! He is breath taking. I was scared at first, I knew he wouldn't hurt me. Don't ask me how, but I just knew. I hear a whimper and snap out of it. I look down to him and slowly start to walk and kneel in front of him.

I hesitantly pet him and scratch behind his ear.

"I-I'm not scared. It just surprised me for a while. If you ask me, it's pretty cool." I smile and hesitantly hug him the best I can.

He gives me a wolfy smile and licks my cheek. I giggle and sit on the floor. He climbs on top of me and pushes me to the ground. I yelp and laugh.

I play with him for a while before I sit against the tree. He lays his head on my lap as I pet his head. We stay like that for a while until he pulls away. I give him a questionable look. He goes behind the tree and comes back as a human. I blush and turn away so he can change.

"You can look now little one. You didn't have to turn away. You'll be seeing me naked soon." He says amused. I blush and look away. He sits next to me and pulls me onto his lap, so that I was facing him.

"Hey? It's ok little one. I guess I have a lot to explain, don't I?" He puts his arms around my waist and pulls me closer.

"Y-yeah I guess so." I smile a bit and blush a deep red

"Ok well like I said I'm a werewolf, the alpha to be exact. Now you're my mate, which means you're my sole mate. I know it's weird but that's how the Moon Goddess destined us to be. All wolfs are possessive of their mates. As an Alpha, I'm very possessive of my mate. It's just who I am. As my mate you will become the Luna of the pack. Also um if you want me to turn you into a werewolf, I can change into one. You'll also be able to become pregnant. Don't be scared about it. It's only if you want to little one. I won't pressure you baby. Um well is there anything you'd like to know?" He asked nervously

I just sit there astonished. To know all this amazes me. It's a lot to take in but it's not something that freaks me out. It actually excites me to know that he will love me and that I'd be able to have babies. I think for a minute to see if I had a question.

"Um so you only had interest in me because I was your mate? So if I wasn't, you wouldn't even know I exists. I would just be your student and that's it?" I ask and look down

"Well little one, I don't know. What I do know is that I love you. I know it's to early. I mean we barely know each other. To be honest you are the most beautiful human I have ever laid eyes on. Even if mates weren't real for us, I would still want to be with you. Don't you ever forget that." He smile and kisses my forehead. I blush and hug him.

"We should get going. I don't want my in laws to get worried or anything." He gets up with me in his arms and starts walking to the car. I smile and hold onto him

He sets me in the car and runs over to the drivers seat. He start to drive to my house, grabbing my hand in his as he drives. Soon we're at my house. He parks the car and look at me.

"I want to take you on a date. Would Friday be ok for you little one?" I smile wide and nod quickly.

"Oh yes! I would love to!" He smile and pecks my lips.

"Ok. I'll pick you up at 7. Now be good and remember your mine. I can smell your friends in there." He kisses me possessively. I kiss him back and blush a deep red.

"Y-yes Mr. Mathew. I'll be good." I stutter as I open the door. I climb out and close the door behind me. I walk to my house and turn to wave goodbye. He leave right after I close my door. I smile to myself and run to my room.

I open the door to my room and find Nathan, Joey and Danny.

"What are you guys doing in here?" I ask as I sit on my bed.

"Well we were waiting for. Took you forever. What were you and Mr. Mathew doing?" Danny asked amused.

"N-nothing! I was in detention and well I decided to walk around afterwards."

"Right. That's what you were doing." Joey smiles

"Well I think me and Joey should get going. We'll see you guys tomorrow"

"Yeah I'm going to bed. Night Austin" Danny smiles and walks out with Joey and Nathan behind him.

I lay in bed and smile, thinking back to the events that just happened. Soon I drift to sleep with a smile on my face the whole time.

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